I said right at the outset, in “New political party in its first election outing“, that:

And now we get to 2019, the election that will settle once and for all, whether the ANC actually has ten million votes of its own or not.

I followed this up, in “It’s not all GOOD“, with:

The ANC does not have 10-million votes of its own. Nationalism had, before my intervention, 10-million votes of its own; and corruption previously had 5-million votes that it bought, which it doesn’t have now — because I have intervened and corruption doesn’t have anything. That leaves the one million or so, members and near-members of the ANC; to account for the 16-million votes for the ANC in 2016.

I then decided:

With just one week to go I have finally made my decision. I wrote some time ago about the votes I usually allocate to the “new political party in its first election outing” and said that I would make my decision publicly. According to my rules no party may benefit more than once from these votes and I have already excluded SRWP and GOOD from benefitting in any way whatsoever.

I have decided to allocate these 3 million votes to the Democratic Alliance, because since the last election in 2014, the DA has become a new political party, it has new leadership and is for all intents and purposes a political party that represents South Africa. It is no longer the party just for white monopoly capital or elitist interests. It has a new outlook that says it has become acceptable to and been accepted by ordinary people.

So that’s 15 million votes, in total, that I will be casting for the DA. I previously listed all the parties and all the votes that I would be casting for each one and refer you to that arrangement at this time. I have already made my demands for my appointment as Minister of Public Enterprises and Parastatals and look forward to the new government. I trust that each and every one of you will do the responsible thing and vote DA too.

And now, we have the final results that are:

10026475 Votes

3621188 Votes

1881521 Votes

588839 Votes

414864 Votes

We can reasonably deduct ten million votes from the ANC’s total, because those are the ten million Nationalism votes from the National Party. And we can reasonably contrast the eighteen million votes Nelson Mandela got with the ten million votes Cyril Ramaphosa got and draw the stark conclusion that the people are tired of the ANC.

Worryingly the EFF and the VF+ are the big winners in this election for the same reason, albeit being on different sides of the same reason: Expropriation of land without compensation. Thankfully the IFP’s “Sethembe” campaign has seen them fight back to gain seats, while the DA did very little other than to shake off its “Amandla Awethu / Amandla Ngawethu” votes and its “Madiba” votes – because those are actually ANC votes. The DA also went without its “Preaching Hallelujah Tone” votes as those were suppressed as conservative votes.

From my side the voter turnout is consistent with our efforts to suppress support for the ANC, to increase Zulu votes for the IFP and to limit the EFF to votes for populist bad economic choices. The loss of votes to the VF+ is due to the DA not sufficiently promoting its leader-driven message of “Bring Change” – which was built on the Tony Leon “Fight Back” campaign.

What I will, in conclusion, say, to every political party that participated in these elections, is; as I have been saying, programming, personating and puppeteering throughout this election; “You Reap What You Sow”. Factually the ANC has sown corruption and has reaped corruption, the ANC owes ten million votes to the National Party (and the old RI-BOSS-CCB now MOSS-SSA-PAN infrastructure), which used ordinary people to mindlessly vote for corruption.

We must look now to a VF+ champing at the bit of the centre-right; to an IFP that is strong, authentic and focused; to an EFF without the Economic Freedom Group; and to an ANC without its usual mkontowesizwe crime syndicate. This within the context of a parliament that has some nine other smaller opposition parties all furiously charging to expose corruption and state capture.

For the DA I will say the following:

  1. Stop saying “Amandla Awethu / Amandla Ngawethu”
  2. Stop praising Nelson Mandela
  3. Stop the Preaching Hallelujah Tone

To prepare the DA for the next elections, return to Liberalism and deliver to each and every DA member training as follows:

  1. Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Political Mainstreams
  2. Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Liberalism
  3. Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law
  4. Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Competition, the Rule of Law and the Market Economy
  5. Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Effective Communication, Cogent Reasoning and Liberal Principles
  6. Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Democratic Alliance Values, Democratic Alliance Policies and Democratic Alliance Alternatives

For the DA to win the next two Elections in 2021 and 2024:

  1. Start using the words “Liberal” and “Liberalism” in every speech, publication, media/press release and announcement
  2. Start explaining why Liberalism is the best solution – in every situation tell everyone what is the Liberal answer, response and solution
  3. Get rid of all vestiges, traces and forms of Conservatism, Nationalism and Socialism
  4. Own the Liberal space – Individuality must prevail over “GroupThink” – project the uniqueness of the individual as the major selling point

To help the DA in these endeavours I shall hold, make, pay for and protect Liberal, Liberalism, Liberal South Africa and Democratic Alliance.



Avishkar Govender

Avishkar Govender is the Chief Political Officer of MicroGene.

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