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Posts published in “Business”

Evolution and endurance

Sometimes the things we need to learn most aren’t to be found in books, through transplanted wisdom, in lectures or by way of extraordinary mentor…

The Gaia death cult

It’s unnerving how often one is faced with declarations about the desirability of fewer people on Earth, in response to criticisms of environmentalist politicking. Fewer…

Car whores

When in comes to selling cars, the badge obviously means a lot, but for buyers the nameplate often doesn’t tell the whole story. Take that…

Thoughts on philanthropy in South Africa

My area of interest is that big word “philanthropy”. We in South Africa take the thousands of organisations that contribute to our democracy for granted.…

The business of free

Many of the most popular websites in the world offer a free service, yet are hugely profitable. Free search from Google; free messaging with MXit;…

IQ is dead!

Part one: Emotional Intelligence 101 The one thing that tickles me endlessly on Thought Leader is the creativity in mixing serious issues of national concern…

Eskom’s sacrificial offering?

Has Eskom fired Ehud Matya? That is the claim made in a comment on my blog. The Eskom story, with all its myriad twists and turns and all its implications for economic policy and political accountability, has become thoroughly tiresome, but it just won't die.

Oh, switch off our MINDS, not our MINES?

If there are two things even more annoying than our power crisis itself, one is the feel-good positive-thinking rubbish people have been writing, and the other are the insults and nonsense we're being fed by government.

Where’s the outrage?

South Africa has been plunged in darkness. Everyone except the idiots who caused the crisis says it will seriously damage the economy. Yet nobody has been fired. Not even a few token dismissals of powerless and innocent underlings.