The 4-Hour Work Week

Sound like a dream? Nope, it’s a book by Timothy Ferriss. And a pretty inspiring one at that. “Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich” it promises. I know what you’re thinking — just another cheesy motivational book. But this one’s a little different. One of my favourite, cheesy, motivational business books,…

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Globalisation and the challenge of needs

The exponential changes in production, distribution of goods across continents, dominance of the world economy over the last thirty years, collapse of beacon institutions of the capitalist world (Bear Stearns, etc) make the analysis of globalisation somewhat of a moving target. This post will clearly not attempt to present a detailed analysis of globalisation —…

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G8 fallout: 3bn people want a go on the roller-coaster

Submitted by Patrick Carmody “Globalisation is making low-impact people into high-impact people faster, in greater numbers, and with greater impacts than at any other time in the history of the world.” — Thomas L Friedman, The World Is Flat Imagine telling a couple of kids that have been patiently waiting in line for the roller-coaster…

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The ANC’s newspaper for people who don’t read newspapers

The easiest way to make a small fortune from newspapers, a wise man once said, is to start with a large fortune. The ANC would do well to keep this advice in mind as it considers a proposal to acquire its own newspaper. Despite the sensational headline in The Times, the so-called “detailed plans” to…

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How have the current tough economic times affected your lifestyle?

This week’s Talkback question on the Mail & Guardian Online: How have the current tough economic times affected your lifestyle? (more…)

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To BEE or not to BEE?

The brouhaha surrounding the Pretoria High Court’s ruling to reclassify South African-born Chinese (pre-1994) as coloured is turning into a “broken telephone” message — ironically, also known as a “Chinese whisper”. When viewed from outside the country, the issue would seem quite farcical, if only it were not so tragic. The nitpicking and mud-slinging that…

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Values and the price of capitalism

The recent release of Naspers’ results was marred by a reputation scandal after it was revealed that Paarl Web, a subsidiary of the Cape Town based multinational media company, printed Zanu-PF pamphlets for the Mugabe regime. Read Naspers and the trail of Mugabe’s blood money as well as Mugabe’s man unmasked on MoneyWeb for background….

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Have you been flogging a dead horse lately?

This really funny bit of Western Wisdom popped up in one of my social bookmarking collections. It’s all about this old wisdom that says when you discover you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount. However, this article says that in business or in life generally we often try a myriad…

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The joy of officespeak

Many writers decry office-speak such as “going forward” or “step up to the plate” as “useless” or “irritating”. Let’s celebrate it instead. There are many uses for office-speak, or biz-speak, or buzzwords. “Going forward” has especially come in for criticism as a kind of nervous tick in business speech, a filler phrase without any meaning…

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My fellow South Africans, learn to flip burgers

South Africans desperate to emigrate to Australia will be excited to learn that McDonalds and KFC are so desperate for staff that they are willing to issue 457 skilled immigrant visas to burger flippers. Granted, you will have to move to a mining town in the middle of nowhere. But it is a foot in…

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