Happy birthday Mr Morris

“It was the worst of times, it was the best of times; it was the age of foolishness, it was the age of wisdom; it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the epoch of belief; it was the season of Darkness, it was the season of Light; it was the winter of despair, it…

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I’ve had it with the men in this country

I’ve had it with the men in this country and their Neanderthal views toward women — whether in relationships, from the judiciary or Parliament — the workplace or motherhood. Women constitute more than half the workforce in this country and overwhelmingly carry the burden of child rearing. There are more single mothers than women in…

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Challenges to the SADC free trade area

Following the Maseru trade protocol in 1996, the SADC trade protocol was implemented in 2000 with the aim of creating a free trade area in 2008. SADC managed to achieve this important milestone for the region by launching, at its summit held recently in Sandton, Johannesburg, the SADC free trade area (SADC FTA). President Thabo…

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Great customer service creates obsessive loyalty

Tito didn’t raise the repo rate — hallelujah! To have done so would have been like throwing petrol (costly though it is) on to the fire. South Africa would have had a revolution. Salaries have not matched inflation (unless you’re a politician or corporate executive), which has gone up 10 times since 2006. On average…

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Arts can help business training get a standing ovation

The creative arts and power of today’s multimedia technology are emerging as new tools for achieving business success, particularly in the realm of skills development where it is being applied in inventive and fresh ways to help enhance teamwork, improve decision-making and boost productivity. Using the input of artists, graphic designers, movie makers, cartoonists, theatre…

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When can donors ask for their money back?

I have been following the saga of the donation by Count Natale Labia to the Department of Public works and Iziko Museums of his father’s luxurious Venetian-style residence in Main Road, Muizenberg, which has been known to Cape Town as the Natale Labia Museum. This 20-room building, constructed in 1929-30, was the home of his…

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Failing to train your staff will sabotage your business

What should you spend your money on when you open a business? If you are a retailer you might think that the more stock you have the better. But what if you haven’t trained your staff to deal with, and specifically, sell to your customers? Your stock range is likely to stay just as wide…

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Starbucks, immigration and national identity

The news last week that Starbucks was to close 61 of its Australian stores with immediate effect — leaving just 23 stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane — was greeted with considerable interest beyond the business pages. The American interloper taught a lesson about what it takes to succeed in the land down under: this…

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BEE is stifling entrepreneurial spirit

The dawn of the 19th Century marked the beginning of the process of continuous industrialisation in Europe, America and around the world. The Industrial Revolution signified a momentous occurrence in the epoch of human advancement. Historians battle for the limelight of what the causes of this revolution were and cannot come to an agreeable conclusion….

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Digital marketing: do your homework first

Ten years ago, digital marketing simply meant online marketing, by placing a banner on a website and very little else. Some banners didn’t even click through to a website, as advertisers didn’t have a web presence. Media owners even got away with charging a “loading fee” to have the ad serving on their website, with…

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