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Randomness or Buridan’s Ass?

So, did anybody read the story about the construction worker who found a cooler box buried underground at an Edenvale construction site? He immediately called the SAPS who, upon investigation, discovered that the cooler box contained R1,5-million in small, unmarked bills. So far this story sounds like a fairy tale involving a hard-working, honest man […]

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I write about what I write about

I believe I have elevated the art of stating the obvious to new dizzy heights. And I’m not about to disappoint. So I’ll regale you with this revelation: I write about what I write about. Now you might think that this is an unnecessary thing to point out. I forgive you. After all, you are […]

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Drawing the line: Road rage

If you tune into SABC 2 at 12h30 this Sunday you will catch the start of the second season of the morality debate/talk/game show Drawing the Line. The whole point of the show is to pose a question to find out where South Africans draw the morality/right-and-wrong line. This will be the case for the […]

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Still don’t know why I should vote DA

Fellow Thought Leader contributor Grant Walliser recently wrote a lengthy piece titled “Why I will vote for the DA” — I must sheepishly confess that I rather enjoyed it. Being the notorious fence-sitter that I am (read: willing to be swayed by compelling arguments), I like watching people with hearts around their sleeves. Grant opened […]

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The day I started going blind

Last Wednesday I started going blind. I was seated at this exact spot writing when I noticed an unusual itchiness in my right eye. So I did what everyone does in these situations. I scratched my right eye. And then, in the interest of balance, I scratched my left eye. And then I scratched my […]

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Other people’s kids

People assume that just because one is a parent, one loves kids. Rubbish, I can’t stand kids that are not my own. And there’s nothing I hate more than parents who can’t stop jabbering on and on about their kids and how smart they are and how “little Sizwe said the sweetest thing the other […]