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Get ready to rumble

This is an open letter to Riaan Wolmarans, editor of the M&G Online. Dear Riaan, A street war has been raging in the public domain for a while now. The main protagonists have been the cream of intelligentsia in our land. On one side you have All the President’s Men, led by none other the […]

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Parliament of whores?

The American writer, satirist and humorist PJ O’Rourke wrote a book entitled Parliament of Whores (1991) — apparently a caricature of the government of the United States. I must confess that I have never read the book although I fully intend to in the near future. Since about two weeks ago, the phrase “parliament of […]

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Science is a lot of hocus-pocus. Ask Mark Shuttleworth

It’s almost been a year since The-Dwarf-Planet-Formerly-Known- As-Planet-Pluto was exposed as a fraud. On August 24 2006, 2 500 scientists congregated on a convention centre in Prague, the Czech Republic, and voted on Pluto’s planetary status. Yes, you read correct: THEY VOTED. And now it’s a done deal. Pluto is not a planet. And that’s […]

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Why I’ll never live in New Zealand with my Bokkie

The official New Zealand Department of Population and Sustainable Development website has a page dedicated to sheep. Or more specifically, a page dedicated to correcting the misperception that the sheep-to-human ratio in New Zealand is 20:1. I’m not making this up. I find this fascinating. Clearly, the clear-thinking government of New Zealand identified this […]