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Dragged into a pit by Eskom

by Roger Diamond With Eskom being a spade, the mining industry a shovel, and the government digging surprising harder than it does most tasks, the pit we call our home is getting deeper by the year. Well actually, we’re all to blame for being consumers, but somehow there is something wrong when organisations that have […]

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Daydreaming into disaster

By Roger Diamond Fantasy and imagination will cause our downfall. The ability of humans to live inside their heads is allowing our civilisation to destroy everything around us, the things we can find most joy from and the very things we need to survive. While people watch computer-animated images of smiling creatures hopping across ice […]

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A really short blog

By Roger Diamond “WE TOLD YOU SO!” Let me explain. Peak oil theorists and activists have been warning of the possibility of imminent peak oil for many years now. And what we have been saying is coming true. Oil-price spikes, revelations regarding ACTUAL oil reserves and production, economic tantrums, social unrest, rising food prices and […]