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Web unleashes news beast

In a multi-platform world where the news waits for no man or network, traditional media would do well to heed the call of the Beowulf that would consume them. When long time host of NBC’s “Meet the Press”, Tim Russert, collapsed and died in the network’s Washington Bureau a couple of months ago, NBC tried […]

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Journalism’s end game

“South African’s should be worried. Without an aggressively free press your whole democratic system collapses. If you don’t have a democratic system informing society, people will elect leaders the enmities. Zimbabwe placed no limit on advertising, the only limit was on editorial comment. When you do that you land up with a completely stuffed up economy.” – Martin Weltz, Publisher, Noseweek.

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Community commerce

Don’t you love a creative business idea whose time has come? One that rewards local ingenuity, funky design and distributes wealth to smart people who are innovative and contribute to a community business model? Springleap is an idea whose time has come and it’s great to see that this is being recognized by The Industry […]

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Rafiq Phillips: The wired wonder

Legend has it that Rafiq Phillips was born online. A self-styled search-engine and online marketing guru, Rafiq has been in the internet industry almost since it existed in South Africa. Known to his friends as Rafiki the web addict, he cannot survive daily life without, Wikipedia, and an arsenal of Google products. When […]

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A stroke of genius

In November last year I had a mild stroke. You may think of this as a stroke of bad luck, but for me it has been the most incredible experience — both in the minute space of time that it happened, and for what it has meant to me afterwards. We’ve all heard the old […]

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Who owns your mind?

I go face to face with Wadim Schreiner for the inside scoop on agenda setting and the battle for control of your brain. Schreiner is a specialist media analyst and the MD of Media Tenor South Africa and partner in Media Tenor International (Switzerland). He decodes and analyses media trends and interprets the media agenda […]

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The white boy’s club

“No economy can grow by excluding any part of its people, and an economy that is not growing cannot integrate all of its citizens in a meaningful way.” – from South Africa’s black economic empowerment strategy document. At the end of May I started writing about new media for ITWeb and thought my first story […]

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Racism, Rock and ruling

“You know how hard it is to make racism just plain fun? Rock does it. Racism to Chris Rock is just a Hacky Sack on his foot. He kicks it up over here, over there, behind the back and then right over to you. The tension release he offers is available nowhere else, from no one else.” Jerry Seinfeld on Chris Rock, currently touring South Africa.