Who are you, really?

Although self awareness isn’t a safeguard against misery or a guarantee of happiness, Socrates’ guiding value has significant value. As the non traditional Latin inscribed on a plaque above the Oracle’s door in the Matrix film trinity advocates: “temet nosce” (“know yourself”).

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How happy are you?

Isn’t it high time the South African government understood how to enhance our gross national happiness? South Africa is one of the unhappiest nations on this earth. We’re not as miserable as Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia or Angola, but we come in at a lowly 118 out of 143 nations measured in the Happy Planet…

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The power crisis

Eskom’s management mess comes as no surprise, given the state of the operation, regulatory rot and the leadership crisis at other parastatals

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Great expectations

War. That’s the fighting talk coming from Minister of Higher Education Blade Nzimande as he uses the intense media spotlight on the ANC’s National Health Initiative (NHI) to rabble rouse in his role as SACP general secretary. Making capitalism the enemy Speaking at the SACP’s 88th birthday in Virginia, the Free State, he promised to…

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Regulatory rot

As communications technology becomes more complex and regulatory processes more dense, Icasa is in more of a mess than ever. Walking into the Sandton offices of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) tells you more than you need to know about the regulator. There are dead flowers at reception and the distinct smell…

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Simply social

Mandy de Waal speaks to The Internet & Social Media Guy, Andy Hadfield about online banking trends. What’s the biggest challenge facing banks in this country and the world over? Simplicity. As the world and the internet become more complex, banks need to make life easier for consumers. They also need to understand social media…

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Uncommon heroes

What SA needs is new breed of ethical entrepreneurs that will help rebuild our country. It’s a sad day when former struggle stalwarts say the new enemy is greed and corruption. Speaking at a recent memorial service for fallen Umkhonto weSizwe members, Desmond Tutu lambasted the ANC for their conspicuous consumption and spoke out against…

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The psychology of fraud

That fine line that divides good and evil. When I was young, the product of Calvinist schooling, I thought good and bad people where two separate things. That the good guys fought the bad guys at some proverbial high noon in a shoot-out between the just and the wicked. Only later when I understood the…

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Bribery and corruption

Why did graft become just another line item at a world class company?

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Trust me

Do you have faith in internet content? As search marketing soars, insidious content spammers are overwhelming and choking the net. Only a return to value will restore the balance. I love Seth Godin. Who doesn’t? The best-selling author and Business Week’s “ultimate entrepreneur for the information age” is a smart guy. A genius who tells…

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