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Posts published by “Khadija Patel”

Suspended tenuously between the crushing weight of everything she is expected to be and the meanness of what she is, Khadija is inching herself out of a yawning chasm of mediocrity. Calling herself a writer would require she actually write something, so she cowers behind language practitioner instead. She busies herself exploring why we speak the way we do, blabbering a copious amount of Porcine Latin across the interwebs, while thinking deeply in Gobbledygook.

Don't mind what her headscarf and brown skin tell you, she don’t need no liberation, and that’s not the Stockholm Syndrome talking.

Taking on ‘Gareth Cliff on Everything’

It is far easier to collect books than to actually read them. Recently, even the most bookish of my friends report some measure of difficulty…

Breaking bread with the Egyptians

In the provincial town of Sidi Bouzid, in Tunisia, Mohamed Bouazizi was 10 years old when he became his family’s bread winner, selling fresh produce…

Assange’s just another Zulu on the stoop

Julian Assange may well be a real life James Bond. His hair certainly fits the part, and his swagger is telling of a man with…