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Jen Thorpe

Posts published by “Jen Thorpe”

Jennifer is a feminist, activist and advocate for women's rights. She has a Masters in Politics from Rhodes University, and a Masters in Creative Writing from UCT.

In 2010 she started a women's writing project called 'My First Time'. It focuses on women's stories of significant first time experiences. Buy the book on the site or via Modjaji Books.

Jen's first novel, The Peculiars, came out in February 2016 and is published by Penguin. Get it in good book stores, and on

Banking on sexism

Earlier this year I told Standard Bank that they could stick their dishwasher where the sun doesn’t shine. The reason? It replicated 1950s sexism assuming…

#Zumaspear and the politics of the cock

When I first saw the painting of the The Spear I instinctively felt that it was wrong for one reason: if it had been a painting of…

We need to change the gendered value system

Are men and women different? If so, are those differences significant today? Recently I’ve had two discussions with men about the differences between men and…