Erik Hersman

MyEnergy: A tool for powerless South Africa

That’s a powerful image of Africa’s most advanced country… Power outages in South Africa has had everyone up in arms for the past couple weeks. A simple search on M&G, The Times or Thought Leader will give you its history and interesting commentary on it. Load-shedding by Eskom, the local power supplier which also provides…

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The problem with e-commerce and online payments in Africa

A lack of true online payment options is crippling African e-commerce, and South Africa is no exception. The inability to accept payments for products and services on equal footing with the rest of the world means that many viable business options are not available for merchants in Africa. The few options there are for African…

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Advertising: a tax on unremarkable products

The best way to sell something is to have your customers do it for you. People trust each other much more than they do the corporate message or your best advertising slick, and brands around the world have shown the value of using this to their advantage. A study by McKinsey found that 67% of…

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