So the working class is angry and rightfully so. The pace of change is too slow and in many ways the quality of their lives has deteriorated. The middle class is angry because they see their hard-earned tax money being squandered by an uncaring political ruling class. This same scenario is visible in most democracies the world over and all over the planet the working and middle classes have only one response to this abuse … they wake up early on a public holiday to go and exercise their right to vote! Boo-hoo.

The ruling class and the corporate elite in every democracy laugh out loud at the stupidity of the working and middle class, who keep buying into the farce that is the democratic process. I can almost hear the government fatcat say to the corporate fatcat over a single malt and a cigar: “A government by the people for the people? Yeah fucking right!”

But we cannot blame the fatcats for ”winning”. We can only blame our gullible selves for ”serving” within a system that never was meant to be fair to begin with. Democracy is not a free system. It is a system of control dominated by those with resources. If you disagree — look at the Gini coefficient of most democracies in the world. The rich are getting richer and the poor watch football. Again I stress, don’t blame the master for knowing how to crack a whip. It is us who are to blame for effectively voting once every four years for this situation to continue. We are the sheep. The system has rendered us useless.

What’s wrong with democracy?
Democracy assumes that while we are all working or looking for work, there has to be someone dedicated full-time to running our towns, provinces, countries and regions. ”The people” get to vote who these full-time employees of the state should be. Some individuals put their names into a hat and are supposed to tell us what a sterling job they will do. Our taxes are then used to pay these individuals to get the job done. All hunky-dory right? Not really, no.

You see those supposedly humble and dedicated individuals who volunteer their time as civil servants are in fact called ”politicians”. They are not engineers or project managers even though they command the same salaries. Politicians are mere middle men — paid in our tax money to sit idle and pick up the phone to call a consultant or an engineer or a useful person whenever something needs to be done. Politicians are the dealmakers with business. Politicians are also the ones tasked with screaming really loud and reminding people who their enemies are. Once they secure the vote, they sit back while consultants and professionals do the actual work.

I reckon in my town alone we would be able to afford some of the world’s best engineers, doctors and project managers if we did not have to pay Oom Piet at the DA, Madala Sipho at the ANC and all the other clowns first. Imagine instead of sending Jacob Zuma, we could send a lady with four degrees in international relations and management at Yale University to negotiate international trade on our country’s behalf? Democracy renders us all useless and therefore we don’t care to pay the useless to do nothing.

The vote
Ask yourself this: would you rather have a vote or be happy? Democracy gives most people only one choice and I know my answer.

Consumers of Coca-Cola products do not vote who the board or management of the company should be. We simply vote with our feet if they provide us with a product or a service we do not like. In our local hospitals we do not vote who the doctors should be? When your child is critically ill would you rather a qualified doctor attend to him or would you prefer to have a cadre that you voted for look after the child?

The concept of a vote is in my opinion the great con of democracy. It’s the cloth they tie around our eyes which allow them to rob us blind while we are unable to see. The concept of a majority vote is even worse. The majority are mere foot soldiers to rubber-stamp the idiocy of the parasitical class which in turn sells our country to big business for a lekker kickback.

I refuse to believe that some half-baked idea by some old Greek men is the best system of governance the human species can dream up. We made the iPhone for heaven’s sake!



Brendon Shields

Brendon is a songwriter from Bethlehem now living in Dublin. You can abuse him on twitter even @brendonshields

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