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The problem with female judges

Nobody believes Minister Radebe when he says the judiciary must transform to reflect the racial, gender and demographic reality of the country. Everybody thinks this is about making sure the ANC never has to go through another Zuma-Shaik fiasco. But the ANC says this impending transformation is in fact about reflecting the racial, gender and […]

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Transforming the judiciary in SA

Applications are invited from suitably supported candidates to be admitted to the exalted status of being a judicial commissioner, an arbiter in a subsidiary court, a magistrate, a high court judge, a supreme court of appeals judge or a constitutional court judge. Please note that the following requirements subsist in respect of all applications: Are […]

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On envy

Kahndisthi as an impediment to human solidarity for sustainable development If jealousy is indeed the green-eyed monster that gnaws at ones very soul forcing the person into a state of derision and acquisition for the purpose of being competitively displaced; then kahndisthi, as the mechanism and indeed substance of envy itself, must be an impediment […]

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The ultimate reality show

One wonders what the producers of TV shows think when they prepare to pitch for new shows. Is it entirely the prospect of ad revenue that underpins their sales line? Do they consider the post-production revenues from the fame that flows to the participants? Do they lie awake at night wondering whether they will be […]

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Woza 2014 :-)

German Studies Association October 9 1993: “Although I do not subscribe to what Fukuyama called the end of history and the ultimate triumph of liberalism, my guess is that a new political agenda of post-cold-war politics and post-social-democratic politics causes a great deal of general liberal concern, which could feed a liberal party. Liberal politics […]

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The great contender

I admit that I am a pseudo-terrorist, that I have in the past engaged in pseudo-terrorist and pseudo-guerilla activities in the pursuit of certain political goals. Indeed the hypocrisy and contradiction of doing so would give me cause to lose sleep at night, were it not for my monastic lifestyle and my community service which […]

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An open letter to the IEC

Dear Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa Re: If you don’t vote — you can’t complain I write in complaint of a campaign conducted by or under the authority of the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (hereinafter referred to as the IEC). This campaign bears the message, “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain, […]

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Sex offenders must be stopped

There is no greater crime than that of a sexual offence. Chimpanzees, you see, practise rape as a sort of demonstration of hierarchical dominance. They have no control over the inclination to rape in order to demonstrate power. It is clear that the opposable thumb may assist in pinning down the victim but the faculty […]

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Tradespotting SA

If Renton hadn’t been a smack junkie, he might have said instead … Choose communism, choose a skill and choose a trade. Choose a kolkhoz. Choose a flippin big factory. Choose washing your clothing with regulation soap. Choose not having cars, compact disc players, electrical tin openers or ribbed condoms. Choose DIY and wondering why […]