Ahed Tamimi is in prison. She cannot communicate with you. She cannot tell you this herself. So I will say this, and I hope that she will agree.

Dear Palestinian Child,

Know that you are precious, that you are valued, that you are loved. You are not the illgotten spawn of a nothing people. You are a Palestinian, your people have been for thousands of years. Your blood and DNA is ancient and has survived the worst that the world has experienced.

Some Palestinians who became Hebrew some time ago, have become Judaic and some of those have become Zionist. They want all of Palestine for themselves, for the Zionists. Those of us Palestinians who are not Zionists are in their way. So they take our lands and build new settlements for their people. They limit our territory and limit our freedom of movement.

All Palestinians are entitled to live in Palestine, we are the people of Palestine. Palestine has a name, a territory, a people and sovereignty, Palestine is a state. The Zionists want the world to believe that the Zionists are the only Jews, which they are not. The Zionists want the world to believe that the State of Israel is the one Palestinian state, which it is not.

The Zionists are Palestinian but they are not the only Palestinians, nor are the Jews, nor are the Hebrews. As a Palestinian, you are obligated to fight this injustice, which threatens Palestine. You are obligated to demand equal citizenship for each Palestinian, and to reject this notion of Zionists first and all other Palestinians second.

The Zionists cannot win because they are not the majority of Palestinians, they are not even the majority of the Jews, and certainly not the majority of the Hebrews. The State of Israel is a rogue state, falsely and illegally claiming to be the legitimate agent of the Palestinian State, worse to being the only Palestinian State. You must not tolerate this fraudulent Zionist claim.

Where you are, where you live, rise up and say, “No”, to the Zionist agenda, say, “No”, to the Jewish cowardice, and say, “No”, to the Hebrew negligence. Stand up for Palestine, a Palestine for all Palestinians, regardless of ethnicity, creed, language, religion, polity and/or belief. Stand up and demand that State of Israel stop pushing the Zionist agenda, and start the process of integrating the State of Israel into the Palestinian State.

Do not be afraid, the Zionists cannot destroy Palestine, regardless of however many Palestinian children the Zionists kill, Palestine will always grow, always be greater than any one Palestinian faction, and always produce sons and daughters who stand up for Justice and the Rule of Law for all Palestinians.

The Zionists must stop trying to take control of Judaism, they must stop attempting to hijack Hebrew. The Zionists live in fear of persecution. There will be no persecution in Palestine, just equal opportunity for each and every Palestinian. You can control this, do not fear the Zionists, do not fear them even if they are armed soldiers, for as long as you do not fear them, they will not prevail.

Do not fear them, in Palestine, Palestinians do not live in fear of one another.

May God protect you and safeguard you, for your lack of fear is God-sent.

Yours sincerely,

pp. Ahed Tamimi


Avishkar Govender

Avishkar Govender

Avishkar Govender is the Chief Political Officer of MicroGene.

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