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Zuma and Forum of Black Journalists disgrace South Africa

There is no nice way of saying this, but those black journalists who chased away their white colleagues at a function attended by Jacob Zuma should not be allowed to continue in this profession. If they are to provide a safeguard against political abuse and report on the moral well-being of this country, then I have a number of problems.

In no particular order :

Racists are the last people who should be judging the morality of others. The conduct of these journalists was reprehensible and, in my opinion, they have waived the right to report on anything political. In order to assist those who did not arrange the function or its racist composition, I would merely ask whether they walked out once they had learned of its racist nature.

By accepting that there is a place for racism in South Africa you are, by your disgusting conduct, confirming that whites-only schools, Afrikaans-only clubs and any other exclusivity is appropriate. Far worse, your conduct itself is all the proof that separatists need for a new whites-only state.

This issue is starting to appear with alarming frequency, which in light of such conduct is hardly surprising. If you believe that apartheid is in order, then please record that for all to read. The fact that it is blacks in charge of this abomination instead of whites will achieve the same results as the original version — sanctions.

If you are journalists who support JZ, then you could not have done him a greater disservice. You have made him a party to the latest version of South Africa’s fascination with segregation and it doesn’t look pretty.

In a country where BEE and affirmative action (legislated — but necessary — racism) along with sporting tokenism (a disgraceful form of unnecessary racism) is a daily affront, we are now confronted with elitism and hatred like this garbage from journalists who, of all people, should have known better. Having arranged this function on a racist basis, what moral ground are you going to stand on when you are excluded based on your race in the future?

This smacks of journalists who believe that only a select few “government-of-the-future lackeys” are responsible enough to be allowed to report during the Zuma presidency. Something along the lines of the censored media of apartheid, who justified the government of the day regardless of how good or bad their performance. Anything contrary was to be suppressed.

If I may be so bold, Mr Zuma: you have now been to Mauritius and told the court there that you were the victim of a plot led by President Mbeki; your faction is determined to dismantle the two most effective police units we have; and you have strongly indicated that the press will be subject to stricter controls.

To me, correct me if I’m wrong, this equates to corruption unchecked and unreported leading to a loss of billions to the poor so that an elite few can achieve absolute control — the champion of the poor in essence being the biggest danger to the poor, as not only will the resources allocated to their upliftment be severely depleted, but two of their most vital safeguards (effective policing and a strong, effective media) will also be but a thing of the past.

Your conduct in concluding that there was nothing wrong with this blatant racism sends the worst possible message to South Africans and the rest of the world. Locally it is tantamount to licensing groups to close ranks and exclude everyone else — unless you are suggesting that there are different rules for different groups. In the case of the latter, that inconsistency would be a recipe for uncertainty, which will result in a lacuna where the rule of law used to be.

Abroad, the message is: welcome back, apartheid, under new management.


  • Mike Trapido is a criminal attorney and publicist having also worked as an editor and journalist. He was born in Johannesburg and attended HA Jack and Highlands North High Schools. He married Robyn in 1984 (Mrs Traps, aka "the government") and has three sons (who all look suspiciously like her ex-boss). He was a counsellor on the JCCI for a year around 1992. His passions include Derby County, Blue Bulls, Orlando Pirates, Proteas and Springboks. He takes Valium in order to cope with Bafana Bafana's results. Practice Michael Trapido Attorney (civil and criminal) 011 022 7332 Facebook


  1. Michael Trapido Michael Trapido Post author | 24 February 2008

    Outstanding article by Tawana Kupe (City Press) who says that a media accountable to politicians is wide of the mark.,,186-1695_2276141,00.html

  2. Tebogo L. Tebogo L. 24 February 2008

    Zuma has gone and involved himself with another disgraceful act. As African journalists they’ve lost the opportunity to claim high ground on the issue of race. What a shame.

  3. Johan Johan 24 February 2008

    Breaking news 2012: The black journalist group met with Zuma to print R10000000 notes and to ask which country to beg for food. Zimbabw/Angola/Zaire/Mozambique,Rwanda,Somalia/South Africa=Africa. Lets get out. Im already going. 8 ppl are losing their jobs, by the way

  4. Gbenga Williams Gbenga Williams 24 February 2008

    You’re absolutely right. There’s no other way of describing this. It is the return of apartheid, period!

  5. Gavin Selby Gavin Selby 24 February 2008

    Please publish the names and newspapers of the journalists who did attend the meeting.

  6. amused reader amused reader 24 February 2008

    Firstly – to all the ‘Black’ guys who have come onto this site to show support solidarity with us whites in the face of blatant discrimination – Thank you, most of us really appreciate it.

    Secondly – all the white guys who think that this proves Apartheid was right – do what? – you hypocrites. This just proves how wrong it was, and how we need to put all forms of discrimination behind us.

    All discrimination on the basis of colour is wrong, and how can anyone think that you can redress the wrongs of a racist society, by perpetrating acts of racism. That goes for the BJA, AA, BEE, AWB and anything else that is race driven.

    I hope that those that favour the government’s well meaning, but nevertheless racist policies (like you Traps) will now start to reconsider.

  7. Brandon Brandon 24 February 2008

    An incident such as this – endorsed by the future president of the country must be the precipice.

    Here in all it’s Frankness is a statement to the world – that white complaints are not unfounded. Whites in South Africa are being subjected to gross human rights violations on a daily basis.

    Now the future president has opened the floodgates for many exclusionary associative organizations.

    Black only schools, whites only schools, black only beaches, white only beaches, black only hospitals. JZ has plainly set a precedent which indicates that the right to association, access to political property, and by extension a myriad of other activities and human rights, may be subject to racial classification.

  8. MidaFo MidaFo 24 February 2008

    This is strong but it is time to get rid of a sickness.

    Black Britain’s darkest hour

    “In 1968, in one of the most controversial speeches of Britain’s political history, Tory MP Enoch Powell warned the nation against opening the ‘floodgates’ to black immigrants. It caused a storm of protest. Sarfraz Manzoor recalls the impact on his family and, 40 years on, returns to Powell’s constituency to meet those Powell wanted to ‘send home'”

    * Sarfraz Manzoor
    Observer 23 Feb

    Read this to see again that the ‘greatest’ racists are indubitably whites. Can I direct to the author of the original post here and such as the elegantly assumed ‘gatvol’ the comment in latter kind ‘Whitey fix it or fuck off!’?

    If I cannot, how can we stand by and listen to whiteys who constantly look for fault in the actions of those within groups most damagingly affected for generations by the white racism that self same whitey’s whole structure of validity supported even if only by omission?

    This is to say that instead of leaping at opportunities to score a point, try to understand you bloody idiots! Remember that idiot refers to the man who cannot rise above the ubiquitous mentality of self, which is the quality of the stupid, the Bush/Blair, the British Imperialist and the Afrikaner Nationalist and the dear, dear, well educated Powell. ‘What me a racist?’ refers strongly here.

    I foresee that world history is inevitably moving towards placing the behaviour and writings of the idiots referred to above under the spotlight and many grandchildren are going to want to change their names—there is going to be a dearth of Bushes to hide lights under.

  9. Wessel Wessel 24 February 2008

    Now the white liberals that for decades were telling us that blacks are not RACISTS only white Afrikaners is, can explain to us ordinary mortals that was and still is bombarded with this crap, What Happened? In the face of the whole world your crap has been exposed!!!! So don’t hang and judge the previous goverment. At least they told us the truth.

  10. Grant Walliser Grant Walliser 24 February 2008

    What a shocker! People who fought under the banner of a non-racial future have stood up and told the entire world that they lied. They are not fit to lead and certainly not fit to make moral or ethical pronouncements. Zuma has begun by confirming that those irrational fears about him may indeed be well founded.

    I would also like to know how they ascertained the race of the people they kicked out. Did they perform visual tests, DNA testing, fingernail inspections? What an absolute slap in the face for our democracy and all of those who are trying hard to make it work. I am outraged!

  11. ak ak 24 February 2008

    Would it be a bad idea to wait and hear what these guys discussed?

  12. Lazola Jozi Lazola Jozi 24 February 2008

    I don’t understand the rationale of this commotion given the nature of South African realities. These kinds of forums are not strange in any way however the nature of outcry emanating from this makes me to wonder about the quality of my vision lately hence I am failing to see farther than Trapido and his group. I think they are making a mountain out of mole hill. I understand that at times we have got things wrong like Escom matter(which is currently undercontrol), the abuse of BEE( even though the BEE is noble vehicle), crime but we need not to allow these kinds of shortcomings to distort us from a seeing a bigger picture that of transformed New South Africa. Media and press is not a holy cow to the noble transformation agenda of this progressive country.

    In SA we have these kinds of platforms like ABASA, ABSIP, the moribund Native Club and others so far I have never a heard of public outcry to this extent about their existence and purpose. It is a common knowledge that Black people have unique challenges that were and are purely targeted to them as specific group.

    To the extent of addressing problems on hand there is nothing fundamentally wrong in having such forums.

    These forums are only meant to drive noble transformational imperatives. Certain things can be best be driven by those that feel it; who feels it knows it.

    To the best of my understanding Media and press remains greatly untransformed and there is a case to have media transformation charts in place just like in financial services, mining and other progressive industries.

    In conclusion there is no need to panic and to prophesy doom for this beautiful country, you can burn your passports my friends and drink beer under the African trees all is well. This country belongs to all those that live and work in it and key to that is the transformation to be undertaken inside out.


    “If they are to provide a safeguard against political abuse and report on the moral well-being of this country, then I have a number of problems.”

    Last time I heard, journo’s are (story)writers, no specific education required; to report the stories, and by writing ‘just’ the stories, we, the people (or they the people, depending on your specific view of me & your world) will react/respond to the “facts” as alleged by the journo’s.
    Hence, WE DO NOT tolerate “political abuse” IF WE BUY THE JOURNO’S ‘FLAGRANTE’ NARRATIVE, that is.

    And screw the journo’s who wish to comment on the “moral well being of the country”. Supposedly that used to be the job of the clergy et al. Too many empty platitudes & sounding like some or other moral majority here. Screw the moral majority as well. What happened to freedom to choose?

    Let’not set the poor journo’s up as holier than (*^(*&^ just to knock them off their pedestal again. Journo’s just write, and very poorly most of the time.

    The essence of the defence of “democracy” has to be centred in OUR RESPONSE to the different stories we assimilate into a point of view. That’s what is supposedly “holy”.

    The responsibility lies with US. To read them all (if we can stomach it) and to believe not one. And then to make up our own minds and to respond like “friends, Romans, countrymen.”

    Kind regards from Somerset West

  14. Phil Phil 25 February 2008

    “Unlike the author, I have no problem with the actions of these journalists. They are people who had the courage to act in accordance the natural order of things. They have eventually realized that birds of a feather flock together, that multiculturalism is an absurd, outdated fantasy, and have had the honesty to state this in public.

    We are therefore making great progress in South Africa. These journalists are pioneers in the black community, being among the first to herald the death of multiculturalism” – so true, many of those who’ve bought into this rainbow nation claptrap are becoming more disillusioned by the day.

  15. Rohan Rohan 25 February 2008

    Amongst the posts above, Sipho hit the nail on the head. The issue is not particularly the existance of a black journo forum, but rather the exclusion of white journo’s to cover it. One does not have to be a nominee to cover the oscars :-) I can’t understand why whites were not allowed to report on the event. Fair enough that they may not be invited to speak…….

    It’s encouraging to see that a lot of black journalists walked out in solidarity, due to their principles, and these people should be praised as true South Africans. The comments from black Saffa’s on this site also demonstrate that this is a far cry from ‘blacks being against us’. It’s a matter of occupying the high moral ground, and I am happy that at least on this ground the rainbow nation lives. It’s a pity we can’t get more of these people up here! Not all Africans are populists sucked in by Zuma’s wild promises. As always……… Viva Madiba!

  16. Bonginkosi Bonginkosi 25 February 2008

    Traps, brother man. You are spot on. The moral high ground is taken away from these ‘journalists’ who were able to throw their brethren out of this gathering for sure. They have disgraced themselves. The bastards are tainted now, no doubt.

    The reasons for having a forum for black journalists could very well exist if there is still discrimination and other such ‘issues’ in the newsroom.

    But here is a thought. Isn’t the whole point of complaining to be HEARD by the person who is inflicting the wrong upon you? In other words, you invite the White editors in but vent away under the ‘protection’ of speaking as a member of the forum and not in your individual capacity?

    Isn’t the point of communication to be heard by the other side? So how do you accomplish that when you exclude the very people you want to complain to? Funny that ‘journalists’ don’t get that; they are supposed to be in the communication business.

  17. Setumo Stone Setumo Stone 25 February 2008

    Yet another mischievous anti-JZ campaign.

    First of all, was JZ invite to discuss issues pertaining to general South Africans OR issues pertaining to black journalists alone.

    If white journos were barred from a public discussion, then I would understand the brouhaha.

    But if the briefing was meant to be a private and introspective session for black journalists, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong.

    We should in fact condemn the nut heads who tried to gatecrash the meeting knowing very well that they had no interest in being there.

    Just recently Irvin Khoza rightfully warned a black reporter to stop behaving like a kaffir. Not long ago Sandile Memela wrote an article lamenting the lack of black thought leaders.

    These incidents alone point to the need for for black journalists to engage among themselves and try to understand the context within which they had at times being criticized.

    What does racism have to do with it?

  18. Gavin2 Gavin2 25 February 2008

    Shame. The ones I really feel sorry for are the white “gliberals” who always take it upon themselves to stand up for blacks, and then stamp their little feet when it turns out the world isn’t actually as they’d like it to be. These patronising pricks need to come to grips with the real world and accept reality. Not everybody, black or white, lives in Lululand. And your politically-correct viewpoints on everything don’t automatically mark you as having a huge intellect. If somebody wants to start a blaccks or whites only association that’s fine by me. I don’t give a shit. That doesn’t mean I’m dumb – it means I have an opinion of my own, which you lot hate.

  19. Mike Mike 25 February 2008

    So, what’s new? The legacy of the Nats will continue for generations.

    But you guys are on the wrong track with this ‘racism’ stuff – racism is, in these guys’ opinion, something ‘whites’ do to ‘blacks’ and, well, it CAN’T go the other way…

  20. YWF YWF 25 February 2008

    @ LoveSA

    I find your comments incredibly hurtful.

    Do you not remember what happened in Rwanda in 1994? Yes, the Tutsis arrived long after the Hutus, yes they as a minority ruled over the majority Hutus for a period in history. Does this mean that every Tutsi child, born in Rwanda, knowing no other home, should be forced to leave?

    I think you must be a very cold hearted person.

    If you are so selfish that you can’t share and can’t get along with anybody who is a little different to you, perhaps you should be the one to leave.

  21. Brandon Brandon 25 February 2008

    Yes, indeed encouraging to see that a lot of black people have come out against what is blatant racism. It would of course be a hypocritical minority that try to defend this racist behaviour — thereby justifying the apartheid past and denying the harm done thereby to many black people.

    So — whites are the greatest racist, what utter hogwash….because blacks cannot hide their racist tendencies any longer, they resort to the next best, “our racism is not as great as that of whites”… time brother it will be, and is already beginning to exceed the atrocius nature of white racism. sad to say that already black on black racism and violence has already seen many more casualties in a far shorter time!

  22. Sandra Sandra 25 February 2008

    I don’t want to go back to living in a @#$%^% white neighbourhood
    @Thandeka Ruth Ngwane
    I am a white person who regularly attends African rituals as there is nothing which excludes white people from being Africans
    Maybe it’s you – I don’t generally get any of that attitude except on the rare occasion I do have to deal with a racist black person – and having grown up under the old regime – I have never had any difficulty in forgiving them
    I do NOT feel most comfortable when I’m surrounded by white people with all other skin colours grovelling on the edges thanks a lot!!

    The philosophy
    That holds one race superior
    And another inferior
    Is finally
    And permanently
    And abandoned . . .” BM

    The Universe has been told!
    Love You


    Hahe people. People have always organised according to their Nationalities and clans and they have always planned our oppression as ‘cliques’. You have ‘THE JEWISH BOARD OF DEPUTIES’-the ones who liked kicking JQ around, the World jewish Congress, AFRIKANER KULTUURBOND, DIETSE FEDERASIE, BOERE VRYHEIDSBEWEGING (BVB) (Boer Freedom Movement), AFRIKANER VOLKSFRONT (AVF)
    ,AFRIKANER EENHEIDS BEWEGING.Muslim Students Association, Muslim Youth Movement
    People have always used Tribes, Nation, Language and Colour to organise movements, be they SOCIAL

  24. Vapour Vapour 25 February 2008

    @Koert I find it interesting that you immediately condemn the international community as being to guilt ridden to pose sanctions on SA. I would say that it would be in the power of all South Africans to boycott all media and products advertised in such media if a journalist in their employ attended this meeting and was not asked to leave his place of employ. I think you will find that if this happened you might just squeeze the true heart of the business community into action. Boycott the racists!

  25. Sarah Britten Sarah Britten 25 February 2008

    How delightfully ironic that the people who are truly happy about all of this are the type of repulsive troglodytes who think that Verwoerd was a great man.

    That should tell the FBJ something.

  26. Guy Guy 25 February 2008

    I agree with much of what you say Michael, but the problem of apartheid’s legacy cannot be redressed by racism.

    I am interested to know why you think racism in sport is unacceptable, but racism is acceptable in business?

    For the hope of the country, can we all agree that racism is wrong? Therefore BJF excluding white reporters because they are white (as opposed, for example, to excluding them becuase they were not members) is racist and should be illegal, but of course, in South Africa it is not….

    @sipho 5.24: Thank God for your views. Are you running for President yet?

  27. Cate Bompas Cate Bompas 25 February 2008

    I don’t much like the idea of exclusive “clubs” and I think racial discrimination is wrong, so the idea of a forum for black journalists holding a private audience with JZ is somewhat distasteful to me. Having said that, however, I think they were entitled to do so-freedom of association. If, however, the intention was to invite all journalists and then to deliberately exclude white journalists, to make a point, that was nasty, and may have been deliberately orchestrated with the intention of gaining publicity and cause public reaction. I don’t think people should overreact. I think that journalists should in fact do more reporting on issues that affect the most marginalized in society, who are mostly black people. Probably, more black journalists than white journalists are in touch with these issues, but not exclusively so. I believe what most people want for south Africa is a society where human beings are equal in value. Journalists can help us see what is wrong with our society. I hope that this is what it is all about. I hope that this forum is not just a cosy club for getting close to the political “elites” and currying favours. To whites that seem very concerned, I would say, put things in some perspective, this is not something new. No, this does not “prove” that racial segregation and apartheid policies are justifiable. That’s just insane. Off course we should worry if the forum for black journalists were actively promoting racial discrimination, hate speech, and such like. There is no indication of this at this point. (I am now signing off to form a “blog” to which only “blondes” may join. A colour photo showing the blonde hair must accompany each application).

  28. majola majola 25 February 2008

    Zuma is a publicity seeking and scheming politician like many other. Much of the mythical qualities he is gifted with by the media and his supporters are nothing but just that, a myth. His views in the dock, the Mike Tyson fiasco. In fact his decision to appease and explain himself to the neo-cons and the world before explaining himself even his lack of decorum in competing with Government as the communicator of South African policy when we have a Head of State, diplomatic and government machinery to do so show the selfish nature of the man.

    Can the man simply tell us what he stands for? Government by Luthuli House consensus on every decision.

  29. Nzuzo Nzuzo 25 February 2008

    Even though President Mandela fought a good fight for this country and the once revered ANC, he’ll probably die with a broken heart.
    A man of integrity, and love that knows no bounds for his felow men, is probably prayig his heart out for the unity within the ANC. I do not kow what actually went wrong, but my gut tells me, the ANC got mixed up with self-serving, heartless, power hungry, unpatriotic and unfaithful beings. Their power hunger is driven by greed and stautus with NO MASSES’ INTERESTS AT HEART.
    I, for one, once had reverence, for the ANC and what it stood for. Wait, let me correct myself, I still respect what Mr. Mandela, Oliver Tambo, Chris Hani, and all the other heros living or passed on stood for- to put it simply feedom and democracy for all. What I am seeing within ANC these days, is a group of non-leaders who put their interest above those of the lay people, who utterly saying: ‘AN EYE FOR AN EYE. In my book, their actions,conspiracies, are no different from the apartheid regime. Revenge, in any kind of way does not settle a score. The FBJ can justify their actions all they want, if the forum was a clean and simple get together for journalists of color, shouldn’t that be a good thing for the world to see, especially when white journalists are allowed to ‘crash the party’. If Zuma has nothing to hide, why weren’t the public(white journos) allowed entry. I SMELL FOUL and I don’t care what everyone thinks. My theory is:If you’re guilty about something, you’re going to get so PARANOID that you would do anything, even drive away the harmless people around you. What was Zuma doing adddressing a bunch of journalists behind closed doors. If he’s such a poor man’s champion, why all the secrecy.
    Makes me wonder what he stands for, when he said he didn’t see anything wrong with white journalists turned away.

    PEOPLE DON’T YOU SEE A DANGER IN THIS. SANCTIONS, SANCTIONS, SANCTIONS! AGAIN AND AGAIN. HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF- IS AWATING SOUTH AFRICA. Zuma is bad news. Why can’t he be man enough to stand up and fight a good fight for his innocence, instead of using other people’s intellect to forge a good statement on the newspapers?
    I wonder what kind of perks/bribes(his specialty) has he promised these ethnic journalist?

  30. amused reader amused reader 26 February 2008

    @ Nzuzo

    Brilliant, I am sure that i speak for a lot of people when i say ‘ you said it better than i ever could’.

  31. LoveSA LoveSA 26 February 2008


    Why would my comments be so hurtful to you?
    Yes I remember Rwanda, it was very difficult to explain to my children why people would do that to each other. Please do not make assumptions about me, you do not know me and none of my comments or statements where made to anyone in particular. I was simply stating my beliefs.

    I find what the ANC is doing to SA very hurtful!

  32. Sandra Sandra 26 February 2008

    Sarah you are right. I just realised it is the silver lining from this storm cloud. I’ve always been too self conscious of being a white person while dissing racism. One sounds too much like you’re squealing now that you are on the receiving end. But through these responses we can easily see who the perpetrators of racism are because they are cheering for it even while being discriminated against.

    In the days of the old regime we used to call them ROWSA – they are still deserving of that acronym.

  33. SadSack SadSack 26 February 2008

    There’s a perception out there by some black people that whites cannot report fairly on issues surrounding JZ or black African people in general. All they want to do is dig up more dirt to prove that he will not be a fitting leader. As far as I’m concerned this has already been proved and unfortunately further negative reports will never be enough to change the hearts and mind of those who support him. Those who leap to the defense of their ‘brothers’ regardless of their actions are acting out on a personal level. An insult to one is an insult to all. This is plain silly but the divisions created by Apartheid run deep and fairer skinned Africans should try and understand the extent of anger and hurt that it has caused. Although we cannot go on apologizing for Apartheid forever we need to understand where the anger is coming from and try to solve the problem. I find some of the racist comments expressed here from both sides tiresome and depressing. These people are the problem and they all should leave.

  34. mbull mbull 26 February 2008

    Mikey, as an aside, exactly what was the content of the “off the record” briefing that Mr Zuma gave to the FBJ?

  35. Spencer Spencer 26 February 2008

    Oh my gosh look! – here is a veritable room full of whining, unhappy, morbid, pessimistic, pathetic and mostly clueless South Africans.

  36. XNM XNM 26 February 2008

    South Africans have worked very hard to be where they are today. A young democracy at that, that still needs to be natured.It has taken a lot of emotional and spiritual upheaval and healing for some of us to reach some kind of maturity in matters of race and subjugation of a certain segment of mankind. It is amazing that leaders like Mandela taught us how to behave torwards our fellow men and that he did without flinching and he will be remembered for that. Now we are reversing these gains.

    It is one thing to tell and conscientise people about the historical reality of exploitation of the African people it is another one to get consumed by it such that one loses sense of the vision of the country: Where South Africans want to be in twenty / fifty years time. Leaders who get swayed by the wind and not show the way, leading from the front may end up destroying the vision that the country had.

    There is one thing South Africans particularly of African descent must bare in mind: God brought us together with people of caucasian descent for a reason regardless of the very very painful past. The successes that South Africa has enjoyed when we are united are there for all to see.

    God Bless!

  37. Thomas Thomas 27 February 2008

    Can somebody explain to me why there is Zuma bashing in both the article and the comments. Can at the same time all Journalists who belong to who belong to racists bodies such as the AWB etc be fired/dismissed and should not be allowed to continue in this profession.

  38. CINDY CINDY 5 March 2008

    why does it hurt so much wen the tables are turned around, its a good thing that blacks are able to talk about whites without them being in hiding. white time is over here in south africa

  39. CINDY CINDY 5 March 2008

    forget about zuma he is a good man, just becoz he is black they bitch about it. wat about the white boy who just randomly fired. dont they watch the news or they only watch it when black people are being interogated

  40. Vincent Vincent 12 July 2008

    Human behavior is hard to change but like i said before South African whites should be aplauded for the way they’re changing. One can witness this in malls, public gathering,work places to name but a few. Thier service in most of thier business is excellent than some of the rude blacks that we encounter in supermakets and shops. They look at the colour of your skin if you appear a little bit dark they think you are a foreigner and then they start talking in Sipedi or Setswana in a degrading manner. I would say whites in South Africa have changed more than blacks. Top among is Mr. Pride especially Mr Pride in Parkmeadows and a certain shop that sales lady’s clothes in Eastgate, they can scoop the price of the most rude, disrespectiful people in South Africa. They are a dent in this lovely and beautiful country.
    I feel sorry for these black and whites who are trying they’re best to unite this country I wish those who are still lagging behind should start by emulating the good work done by the good citizens of this country note leaving behind the White Rhodesians and these black Journalist.There are an eyesore

  41. ron ron 21 October 2008

    this pic of ZUMA says it all


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