Look, I’m just going to be honest here. I don’t know anything about politics, I don’t care for sport, I have the merest fleeting interest in entertainment (and then only if the stars are wearing pretty dresses) and I’m completely out of the loop when it comes to the news. In short, I’m a newspaper’s worst nightmare.

And sure, it has occurred to me (especially over the weekend, when contemplating this first blog entry) to lie, to cheat and read up on some fascinating current event so that I could have some worthwhile comment to make. But it’s just not me. And if there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my brief blogging history (and there isn’t one, but quite a few), it’s to be myself. It’s the only way the words will flow.

So here goes! All about me and what my hopes are for this blog.

My name is Bridget McNulty and I’m a writer. I have a right to say that because this week my first novel, Strange Nervous Laughter, will be unpacked and placed on shelves in Exclusive Books, Wordsworth Books, CNA and other stores countrywide. (Countrywide! How’s that for a beautiful word!) Actually, apparently it’s already been unpacked in Wordsworth stores, but seeing as I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, I don’t believe it. And, let’s be honest, nothing bookish counts unless it happens in Exclusive Books. Sad, but true.

So I started this whole blogging thing a little while ago, to tie in with my website and book. (It’s obligatory — I have to throw in the links here: www.bridgetmcnulty.com and www.blog.bridgetmcnulty.com.)

I never really thought anyone would read it. The whole concept of blogging is still a little strange to me — why would people care about my ramblings? But they do, and for that I am deeply grateful. I have so much to say, and now a place to say it. Excellent.

So what’s this going to be about, then?


I’m going to write a Monday (beginning of the week) and Friday (end of the week) blog every week, and it will be about everything I know well — having a novel published, and love and relationships, and everyday occurrences that strike me as some kind of wonderful, and riding around Cape Town on a scooter in a red leather coat, and baking (possibly), and being a young South African woman (probably), and why we act the way we do and what that might mean about us as people. Or about me, as person, until you leave me a comment.

I’m calling it The Novel Life: Whimsical Observations on the Everyday.

Novel being a double entendre, there, in case you didn’t pick up on how witty I was being.

I’ll do a little gush about all things novelistic next time, but for now I just wanted to say hello.


And welcome.


And please call again.



Bridget McNulty

Bridget McNulty is a writer, content strategist and creative director. She is the editor of Sweet Life diabetes lifestyle magazine (www.sweetlifemag.co.za) and...

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