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Terre’Blanche and the Afrikaner homeland

AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche, addressing the Vryheid Agricultural Union last Thursday, called on the ANC to grant the Afrikaners a homeland. “We gave blacks their homelands. Why don’t the ANC do the same for us?” Sort of a little laager on the prairie — spare me.

I’d like to call on the ANC on behalf of the Afrikaner volk, but my ideas run totally contrary to Mr Terre’Blanche’s. My thinking goes something along the lines of former Democratic Alliance leader Tony Leon’s concept of using our people of best competence.

This might well achieve the goals of the Afrikaner and other communities, while instilling hope where despair now runs rampant.

The Afrikaans community belongs in the whole of South Africa, just as the whole of South Africa belongs to all of its communities. Its frustration arises from being sidelined at a time when it has so much to offer this country and this continent. My exasperation arises out of our failure to employ this wealth of potential to the benefit of us all.

Let’s examine this concept in a few areas.

If the incredible depth of talent available to South Africa from that community in respect of policing, training thereof as well as the designing and implementing of strategy to fight crime was put to best use, crime would be drastically and quickly reduced (of this I have no doubt). Yet instead of using them to bring through a new generation of crime fighters, steeped in proper police traditions, they are marginalised and denied promotions. With the demographics of South Africa, the simple fact is the vast majority of police officers will always be black. Accordingly, there is no threat of a coup if that is the concern.

While our prosecutors appear to be mixing together superbly and learning from one another, our police appear to be lagging far behind. When I go to court I am proud to see how well our prosecutors, of all races, are bedding down together. By employing the same sense within the police we would recognise our Afrikaner community, strengthen the training of all communities and give public confidence a boost. They would know that our police officers would have undergone the strictest training routines, and been subjected to the toughest physical tests and highest examination standards. We know this from our apartheid days, when Afrikaners ran a tough police force and a potent military.

Again there is a waste of invaluable experience and potential at a time when South Africa could do with a competent and powerful army. If that is not the case, I apologise to those in command, but best I point out the perception of the population to you. Most people think the SANDF is a joke, incapable of beating Lesotho convincingly and a force that would most probably get beaten by Zimbabwe, composed of lazy, ill-disciplined and unfit soldiers who strike and play politics.

In addition, the army owes its allegiance to the government rather than the country and is capable of becoming a Zanu-PF-style tool rather than the protector of all South Africans. If my perception is wrong, the “commentary team” will be taking my head off in the comments section.

What this country needs is national service (I’m hiding in my bunker as I type this) to instil discipline and pride among our youth, as well as a professional army along the lines that the Afrikaners built up during the years of apartheid. Their experience would be invaluable in restoring pride, confidence and sealing those borders as is desperately needed right now.

Civil service, health and local government
Again the Afrikaners’ experience in running these departments and improving these services for the entire country will instil a huge amount of pride in their community and create lasting bonds. You can all laugh at me, but if an oke who ran Witbank was dragged into Alexandra and got the systems right, regardless of his political views (AWB even), I guarantee the whole community would be on Carte Blanche telling South Africa about Oom Kosie (the AWB guy) who visits their homes, and we’d all be crying like babies watching this on television.


Watch your Springboks, guys. Follow the magnificent Blue Bulls, and see the pride when our black and coloured players come through on merit. This weekend, Loftus took up the Sharks’ call of “Beast” without any prompting. In years to come, the majority of Springboks teams will comprise players who are not white. Wanna bet? Wanna bet me as well that this so-called Afrikaans “racist” community will roar them on with pride?

In every facet of society, the Afrikaans community has so much to offer and is willing to offer it. By encouraging this, in the face of our demographics, you are not risking a white government but rather entrenching a black government that is enhanced by the delivery of services and the increased competence which this might well bring. Those skills need to be taught and utilised by a new generation for the benefit of all South Africans.

In the past I have looked at federalism, self-autonomy and other variations on this theme. My view is that the time has come to encourage the Afrikaans community to take its place in the sun, and thereby benefit all South Africans with their wealth of skills and experience. I have no doubt that it will uplift us all.

And yes, before you ask, the Sharks are still kak.


  • Mike Trapido is a criminal attorney and publicist having also worked as an editor and journalist. He was born in Johannesburg and attended HA Jack and Highlands North High Schools. He married Robyn in 1984 (Mrs Traps, aka "the government") and has three sons (who all look suspiciously like her ex-boss). He was a counsellor on the JCCI for a year around 1992. His passions include Derby County, Blue Bulls, Orlando Pirates, Proteas and Springboks. He takes Valium in order to cope with Bafana Bafana's results. Practice Michael Trapido Attorney (civil and criminal) 011 022 7332 Facebook


  1. amused reader amused reader 30 June 2008

    @ NZS

    AA is only ‘presumed’ to have been beneficial, we have not, as a nation ‘experienced’ any benefit, only loss. Some individuals have benefited, but we have less jobs and higher unemployment amongst the predominantly black poor, so what you are talking about is people feeling better, because you are able to extract some revenge for the past, as opposed to the fact that you are actually making things better, you are making them worse.

    It is interesting that today, even that most racist of black commentators, Jon Quelane, has been honest enough to write a piece pointing out that we were actually better off under apartheid. Now clearly he is not calling for a return to apartheid, and nor would I, but he is recognizing that what we have now is not working.,,2-1630-1633_2349352,00.html

    On other matters, David Bullard has not been disgraced, he was fired for being too honest for comfort, and i would suggest that as a result his profile is higher and he is held in higher regard than ever before.

    If your figure are correct and the majority of students are black at our universities then that is excellent, and is as it should be. Education is our future and we desperately need skills, none of our population should be excluded from education.

  2. amused reader amused reader 30 June 2008

    @ NZS

    I see you have avoided the gay hostel scenario. I am assuming that is because you know precisely how you would have behaved in that situation, and the UFS video would of looked like a school picnic in comparison.

    You may not have responded, but you can’t hide from the truth of it.

  3. anton kleinschmidt anton kleinschmidt 30 June 2008

    @ Amused Reader

    The Jon Q post should have given me a warm fuzzy feeling but instead it scared the hell out of me. When Jon Q says this type of thing then it is further validation of the ANC bashing which has become so prevalent of late

  4. amused reader amused reader 1 July 2008

    @ Anton

    What is your concern with the ANC bashing?

    Presumably not that it is unfounded, but that the likes of Jon Q have far worse in store, given half a chance?

  5. Lyndall Beddy Lyndall Beddy 1 July 2008


    The ANC needs to be bashed – hard! Or would you prefer that they continue to bash the rest of us?

  6. nzs nzs 3 July 2008


    Would you be so kind and come up with a part of my post in which I wrote: “the majority of students are black at our universities”? You make a rather startling “observation”, when you say, “If your figure[s] are correct and the majority of students are black at our universities…”

    You see, AMAUSED/AMAMUSED/AMUSED READER, the blinding haste in reading my posts has been the hallmark of your windswept assumptions and generalisations about I had said. I challenge you to go back to my post and come up with the part when I said, “…the majority of students are black at our universities…”
    Once you do that, I would give you the response regarding a scenario of what the reaction would have been if the victims of the racially prejudiced morons at UFS had been subjected to a mock initiation on the grounds of their religious- or political affiliation, or on the grounds of the sexual orientation.

  7. Lyndall Beddy Lyndall Beddy 4 July 2008

    University Enterance is now on a quota system.

    30% of the students at the UFS and every other university are not black; 70% are black.

    Finish and Klaar!

  8. Lyndall Beddy Lyndall Beddy 4 July 2008

    University Enterance is now on a quota system.

    30% of the students at UFS and every other university are not black; 70% are black.

    Finish and Klaar!

  9. amused reader amused reader 4 July 2008

    @ NZS

    My question is not what the white students would have done. My question is how would black students, forced to live as a minority in a gay hostel, have reacted?

    The answer, if you have the courage to face up to it, which on past evidence i doubt, will enable you to contextualize the behavior of the white students, and make a more accurate judgment of their behavior in relation to how black students would have reacted.

    This does not justify the behavior of the white students, but it will probably pull the rug well and truly from under your ‘holier than thou’ attitude.

    We got a real good look at how your community behaved with relation to economic migrants, and with the greatest of disrespect, i think that Mozambican guy, given the choice between being burned alive whilst his tormentors laughed at his agony, or featuring on a video, may well have chosen the video. What do you think NZS?

  10. nzs nzs 9 July 2008

    To the Cheerleader:

    It’s fascinating to note that the Cheerleader has enthusiastically resorted to putting a stamp on her unsubstantiated claims of race demographics in South African institutions of higher learning, by using that ‘popular’ catch-phrase (‘finish and klaar!’). Now, Cheerleader, what evidence do you have to back up your fanciful claims of 70% of students in South African universities being black?

    And while you are at it, you might want to reconcile your temporary appeal to non-existent statistical ‘fact’ and suspension of rational thought, with the fact that there is no English word as ‘enterance’ (which you write so pontificatingly by capitalizing its initial letter). The correct word, Cheerleader, is ‘Entrance’ – and now you can, if you so wish, put a capital letter as I have done here.
    You are most certainly welcome, Cheerleader: the pleasure was all mine….!


    Given that you, sir, have not backed up your ‘observation’ of my (never-existent) reference of black students being in the majority at South African institutions, I accept your error of judgment. I also agree with you that, had you not resorted to such a blinding haste (but instead engaged closely with what I had written so as to acquaint yourself with the contents of my post), you’d not have got it wrong. Your apology is hereby accepted. To err is human, after all, AMAUSED/AMAMUSED/AMUSED READER. Or isn’t it?

    One of the weird points you raise, AMAUSED/AMAMUSED/AMUSED READER, is:

    “The best example i can give would be if you as a black man were forced to live in a campus where the majority were homo-sexual men. Given the views of homosexuality in your culture would you welcome this forced integration, i think not.”

    But who told you that this commentator is brown- or dark-skinned? And, “cultural views on homosexuality…”? What are these views, AMAUSED/AMAMUSED/AMUSED READER?

    And then, AMAUSED/AMAMUSED/AMUSED READER, you pose yet another morphologically twisted question when you ask:

    “[H]ow would your culture protest against forced integration into a homo-sexual hostel, make a video and belittle a few moffies?, or would there have been beating, burnings, destruction of property, or worse?”

    A couple of fundamentally flawed assumptions behind your questions, AMAUSED/AMAMUSED/AMUSED READER, include (but not necessarily limited to) the following:

    1) That one’s stance against exclusivist societies in South Africa (which Terre Blanche, yourself, Consulting Engineer et al. fervently support) is indicative of one’s racial-, cultural-, and linguistic identity. The problem with this line of reasoning is that is negates the existence of shared paradigms that transcend the racial-, cultural-, and linguistic divides. In simple terms, such an assumption flies in the face of people from different hues who stand together and express misgivings about the call made by others for the exclusivist societies.

    2) That the sentiments that condemn the homosexual orientation are limited to specific cultural- or racial groups, much to the exclusion of other race groups. Adopting this line of reasoning is problematic as it also erroneously assumes that race or culture alone determines the conservative approach to homosexuality, when the truth of the matter is that virtually all race groups have their own conservative communities (where homosexual tendencies are derided, shunned and summarily condemned to seclusion). Just to assist you to understand the point I have just made, do you recall one incident at a certain university down there in the Western Cape (methinks it was Stellenbosch), where screaming media headlines went as far as, “Gays, blacks, and Jews under attack on campus”? A friend of mine who at the time was studying in a Scandinavian country wrote to me to find out if I had any close understanding of what was happening down there in the Western Cape. He related to have been asked a couple of times by his friends in Norway, regarding the incident. While I had also read about this incident in the media, what this incident confirmed was that anti-homosexual sentiments did prevail within the most conservative communities of South Africa (whether is in Stellenbosch, Free State, Pretoria, Nongoma, Thaba Nchu, Transvaal, Gugulethu, George). However, one cannot seriously infer that everyone from these communities harboured anti-homosexual sentiments; it’s just that within these communities, there are ultra-conservative sentiments that denounce anything homosexual in nature.

    3) That brown- or dark-skinned communities (by virtue of being brown or dark in pigmentation) do not tolerate people with homosexual orientation. Regrettably, AMAUSED/AMAMUSED/AMUSED READER, this line of reasoning is tantamount to the very consignment to racial pigeonholes that many people (of different hues) in South Africa have been subjected to under apartheid (something about which you are not familiar, as you only came to South Africa recently – if information you provided in the other post is accurate). The line of reasoning alongside this third assumption dangerously and ignorantly dismisses the existence of liberal communities within the brown- or dark-skinned populace, who are highly tolerant of people with homosexual orientation. In fact, some of these communities have had family members, friends, acquaintances, or friends of their friends/family/acquaintances with the same-sex preferences of a partner.

    Now, AMAUSED/AMAMUSED/AMUSED READER, having examined at least three of the fatal assumptions that informed your questions, it becomes easy to tell that if you placed anyone who comes from conservative background in a homosexual hostel (irrespective of the pigmentation of that individual, and whether that person comes from Thaba Nchu, Stellenbosch, Pretoria, Free State, Umlazi, KwaMashu, Vryheid, Knysna, George), there is bound to be reaction that borders on anti-homosexual sentiment. The only exceptional reaction would take place if the individual in question (who is placed in a predominantly homosexual dwelling) espouses a largely liberal, tolerant, flexible, and ‘understanding’ predisposition towards life.
    Having said all this, AMAUSED/AMAMUSED/AMUSED READER, a country as diverse as ours cannot just succumb to separatist calls by intolerant individuals or groups by introducing separatist dwellings, merely because these separatists make a clarion call about their existence and divisive needs. Since this is a free country, if a certain individual cannot tolerate certain people (because they are of a different racial-, cultural, or language group – or because their choice of a sexual partner is different from the separatists’), such intolerant individual is at liberty to go and rent a private flat – where s/he will be more welcomed to make determinations regarding who enters their private dwelling. It’s as simple as that, AMAUSED/AMAMUSED/AMUSED READER!

    Get it into you little head, AMAUSED/AMAMUSED/AMUSED READER, and move on with your life, rather than appealing to flimsy and hollow justifications for exclusivist and separatist societies.

  11. Cool Down Cool Down 16 July 2008

    It is impossible for two parallel lines to
    meet so is our being schooled at the same

  12. Abbie Heunis Abbie Heunis 13 October 2008

    @Amused Reader, my hat off to you. I will always make time to read your comments.

  13. Jaque Shidt Jaque Shidt 14 October 2008

    It will all end in tears I tell you, in tears.

    Masterbate for freedoom I say, let them eat koeksusters

  14. De La Rey De La Rey 23 January 2009

    Ai people,

    We are all victims here… All!
    I am Afrikaans, White, a Hiper-Calvinist, and
    extremely proud…
    But please, apart from concentration camps,
    of which I was not part of, nor the english
    alive today… They are my / our brothers.
    I consider any race with my values, as brothers
    and sisters… They did bring wealth, and education to many white afrikaners like myself.

    Stop blaming everyone. Africans do that,
    they blame whites for everything and now
    want to rectify 1000 years of backwardness
    via BEE, AA… Sorry, aint happening, don’t
    bite the hand that feeds you goes the saying.
    Zimbabwe tried that before.

    Let’s just realise the error of ever wanting
    to colonize and “civilize” africa and immigrate.
    I dont want to be blamed anymore… Nor, do I want
    my children too receive AA, BEE treatment.
    Let’s just leave!

    Too all those that still believe BEE, AA is
    morally right and not coward… I never voted
    for a Apartheid government, because I was an “infant.” – 27 years old.
    Another problem with blaming everything on
    Apartheid is – We were already more progressed
    economically, scientifically etc. the moment
    Jan van Riebeeck came here, there was no
    Apartheid causing this, was there?!
    Gain maturity, stop blaming Afrikaners, or whites,
    for the past, and rather try and build on your
    future by merit of equal treatment.

    Injustice is injustice, I don’t give a rats ars if
    you call it Apartheid, BEE, AA or what the hell ever! So what if the government is black,
    I don’t want to be them either, but if they
    can start acting mature, as a people, and
    leave me out of their “struggle” then there
    might be some hope, otherwise… tjerio,
    I am off the moment when my experience
    assures a nice fat paycheck in a expensive
    civilized country.

    I might come back in 30 years with my foreign currency once the country was past the stage of
    ruins, and build up by some-one “else” taking
    responcibilty. I’ll enjoy the, — I told you


  15. Sbu Sbu 26 January 2009

    De La Rey, or whatever your name is.

    Did you think putting 3 months between the comments will give freedom to be vacuous?

    This is not a blame game, its accountability. Those who messed up the country pre-1994 must own up and stop immigrating to Sydney. Stop inking arrogance here, what’s with the “don’t bite the hand that feeds you goes the saying. Zimbabwe tried that before.”??? Who’s feeding who?

    If you, and whoever you converse this nonsense with, had any hopes of making SA better for all, you would not even think of trying to “colonize” nor “civilize” Africa, we do not need your colonization, civilization, and whatever else your mind has conceived to be “good” for Africa!

    Clearly you have not been following this debate! Read the debate from the top, and perhaps you might leave for Europe a little more intelligent and go add value there.

    This country will come right, with or without you!!!


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