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How Pokemon Go has changed the behaviour of millennials overnight

If you are yet to hear about Pokemon Go by now, you must have shut yourself off from all media and people for the past week. Since its phased roll-out launch a week ago, Pokemon Go has taken over the news, the internet and the lives of Millennials the world over. The free to play mobile augmented…

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Are you hopeful about your country’s future?

This is one of the questions posed in a questionnaire answered by 12 000 young people (between the ages 14 and 25). The idea of the survey is to get a better sense of the issues young people face. If I had been part of the survey I would have answered “I don’t know”. It seems…

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The teenager

I hate being associated with people born after 1990. I was born in the late 1980s but people often think I am part of the “born-free” generation — the most misunderstood group of young people. They are often accused of being entitled, lazy, narcissistic, lost, apolitical, apathetic and confused. Young people — who are not…

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The revolution will not be retweeted. RT this if you agree

Azza is an Egyptian media professional and blogger I met in Berlin this year, in early spring. As clunky as it may be, more so to point it out, I mention the season for its symbolism. Spring is a time of renewal. In the spring young shoots sprout from where old, frost-bitten branches hang and…

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Youth culture’s double negative

Last week, a youth culture archive named Staticphlow went live two days before Youth Day. I joined heads with some scholars, activists and hip-hop DJs and MCs to finally do something about our complaints that youth culture is both exploited and neglected. You might say that youth culture suffers from a sort of double negative….

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