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The Soweto Marathon and important lessons running taught me

Running the Soweto Half-Marathon was a drastic step in my sporting life, and I achieved more than crossing the finishing line. Before the starting gun, I told myself that everything I had done while preparing for this race was behind me. Now was the time to give my best and make this race my magnum…

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Why quotas in South African sport must fall

By Dhirshan Gobind Quotas in South African sport, conveniently disguised as “transformation”, have long been a contentious issue among administrators, politicians, players and most importantly fans. To tackle this burning issue, we need to go back to its roots. Only then can we deconstruct it, try to understand where it’s going, explain its impracticality and…

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Proteas, it’s our turn to eat

In Greek mythology, Proteus was a sea god best known for his ability to change his form at will. Proteus’ peculiarity gave birth to the adjective “protean”, which generally means versatility, flexibility, and adaptability. It was based on these characteristics that Swedish botanist, physician and zoologist Carl Linnaeus named a genus of South African flowering…

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The loyalty we have to soccer teams is the same as we have to the ANC

In the past few days I have been asking myself why I get peeved each time I discuss the performance of my dearest club with my fellow Manchester United supporters. Oftentimes I find myself wondering why everyone does not see that David Moyes is technically inept, a minnow and completely out of sync as manager…

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Let’s think about our children

The story of Rego Modise of Rustenburg has me worried about the future of our kids, black and white, in South Africa. Rego is a 17-year-old black school girl who loves playing hockey as a sport. She sees herself as a professional hockey player one day, perhaps even representing South Africa in future Olympic games….

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