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How the university can recuperate itself

In my previous post I wrote about the question raised by Bernard Stiegler on the pervasive stupidity characterising global societies today, and the failure of universities to live up to their historical task under present circumstances. The latter amount to what Stiegler calls “hyperindustrial” society, that is, a society in which it is not only […]

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Incentives can help

Waseem Sirkhot has been involved in community service since the age of 12 and is as passionate about it today. Only now he is better equipped to make a difference with the help of three friends from the Lenasia community; Ismail Moola, Mohamed Jassat and Ridwan Mia. Their mission: Empower the youth. Affording them an […]

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Tutoring can help

Emmanuel Khumalo an educator at the Krazifizix Educational Club, a free extra-lesson tuition programme in KwaMashu in KwaZulu-Natal, is proving that with a little extra help he can give learners the opportunity to thrive academically and build brilliant futures for themselves. “I started at Krazifizix in February this year, however have always been giving lessons,” […]

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Kids have dreams…

By Simamkele Dlakavu We all know apartheid history too well but unfortunately it persists in the present. As Zwelinzima Vavi said: “Apartheid will not end and black people will not have real freedom until free and high quality education becomes a reality.” I am a product of township education like most black youth in SA. […]