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The braai or shisa nyama is not heritage

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By Unéné Gregory We brand our beautiful country as a rainbow nation, one with people of various backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities. We are a country unlike any other and one of the days to acknowledge our diversity and actively learn about one another is Heritage Day. Formerly celebrated only in KwaZulu-Natal as King Shaka day our […]

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What art you talking about?

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The 31st of July was the deadline decided on by the South African Department of Arts and Culture (DepARTment) for arts practitioners and institutional responses to a revised White Paper they made available (in very limited fashion) earlier in the same month. There was nothing normal about the process but nothing abnormal either. Because this […]

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I sometimes confuse the history of others for my own

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In one form or another, I’ve had America beamed into my living room nearly every day since I was a small child. I know their history, their politics, their pop culture and their legal system (perhaps somewhat exaggerated in cheesy television dramas) better than any other country besides my own. Last year I followed the […]

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Ancestry & tailors

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In South Africa I My ancestor sits on a wall, smiling at me, skirt billowed out, shoes muddied in tussocks. She leans forward, waiting to step to me through the centuries. She’s been there since childhood, in words whispered by a sister or brother, in the songs shimmering on a mother’s Irish lips, when I was first […]