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The Depo-Testosterone stock out must never repeat itself

By Chris/tine McLachlan It was with great concern that the Sexuality and Gender Division (SGD) of the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) became aware of the shortage of Depo Testosterone in South Africa during the period December 2018 till mid-March 2019, resulting in trans masculine persons / trans men being unable to access their…

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Circumcision SA style – the unkindest cut of all

It demands a certain je ne sais quoi for someone of apparently sound mind to allow a man clad in animal skins to slice off their foreskin with a rusty assegai. And that in an isolated bush camp in the dead of winter, nogal. Especially since this rite of passage to manhood comes parcelled with…

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Matching reforms to institutional realities

Social service delivery is weak across the developing world. While there is substantial heterogeneity across regions and countries, the picture of failing services is a familiar one. Challenges such as systematically high levels of absenteeism among teachers, doctors and nurses, persistent rates of drug stock outs — particularly in rural health clinics, rates of leakage…

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Curb your cravings or die on your own dime

An alert to fatties, puffers, boozers and assorted body abusers. It’s time to clean up your act or piss off and die on your own dime.

 Why patch up slow-motion suicides when hard-pressed and limited medical resources could be better allocated elsewhere? All things being equal, someone who survives a bullet to the brain playing…

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