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No future for white South Africans?

Do white people have a future in South Africa? According John Simpson, the world affairs editor of BBC News: Yes, there is a future for the prosperous white middle class and the upper-class whites (who remain shaded from poverty by their apartheid booty). This is not the case for the poor whites and white farmers. The poor whites, it appears, are facing neglect and antipathy. The farmers on the other hand are facing a murderous scourge (some may even say “genocide”).

There are serious issues with Simpson’s article and many other foreign press reports carrying similar sentiments. The first issue is the glaring bias and sloppy journalism.

The author of the BBC article says that “in South Africa you are twice as likely to be murdered if you are a white farmer than if you are a police officer — and the police here have a particularly dangerous life. The killings of farmers are often particularly brutal … the government has so far been unwilling to make solving and preventing these murders a priority”.

Firstly, it is untrue that government is not willing to solve the crime problem in South Africa. For many years crime has been a top priority of the ANC government. At one stage President Jacob Zuma appointed Bheki Cele as police commissioner, a man who declared unashamedly that police should “shoot to kill” dangerous criminals.

The South African justice system, although it may be inefficient, treats murderers equally irrespective of the race of the person killed. The man who murdered Afrikaner right-winger and farmer Eugène Terre’blanche is today serving a sentence in prison. He was prosecuted by the South African government.

What Simpson means is not that government is ignoring murder, but that the government is not making the murder of “whites” a priority. There isn’t any proof that a white person is more likely to be killed than a black person.

Simpson goes on to speak about a “targeted killing” of white farmers and police disinterest. He makes no effort to consult the police station involved and to ask (or at least try to ask) about the reasons for their alleged disinterest. What does it even mean to “show little interest”? Does this mean the police refused to jump into their cars and chase after the suspects? Does it mean the police refused to open a docket or to investigate the murder?

Simpson adds later that “the daughter and sister of the men who died, told me how dangerous the lives of white people in the countryside have become”.

He makes no effort to check this assertion against statistical facts. If he did bother to do some research, he would have discovered that “victim surveys conducted from 1997 to 2000 show that the poor, the majority of whom are black and coloured and living in townships, are more at risk of being victims of interpersonal violent crimes as well as violent property crimes like robbery”.

It is clear therefore that his article is not fair reporting. The true purpose of his article comes out in his assertion that “in the old days, the apartheid system looked after whites and did very little for anyone else. Nowadays white people here are on their own”. It was the same jaundiced perspective on South Africa that led the Australian Protectionist Party to call for fresh sanctions on South Africa for genocide on white people.

There is a cold feel to the tendency to artificially compartmentalise problems facing South Africa into neat little racial boxes. This tendency drives Simpson’s tacit suggestion that white poverty (where it exists) is different from black poverty; that murder of white people is different from murder of black people.

According to Simpson “apartheid South Africa looked after white people and nobody else. Now some of its white communities face a level of deprivation, or of violence, which threatens their future in the country”. White people should be repulsed by this. Firstly, they should be repulsed by the idea that they belong to apartheid South Africa. Secondly, they should be repulsed by the idea that they need to find a “way out” of South Africa, their only home.



  1. Momma Cyndi Momma Cyndi 20 May 2013

    Farmers do have it rough. It has more to do with their isolation and the amount of time for help to arrive (or anyone to notice they need help) and our cops do tend to do the least possible work – possibly to avoid getting shot?

    I feel for Frans but nobody told him to drink himself into unemployment. I also feel for the others in Sonskynhoek but it is no more than I feel for people in Orange Farm. There should be no squatter camps and poverty in our country for any race.

    My revulsion is that I am being cast as some kind of victim in all this because of my skin colour. There is a lot wrong with our country but we are all in this together and, if crime does nothing else, it proves us all equals

  2. Dave Harris Dave Harris 20 May 2013

    The lack of freedom of speech in the UK is apparent when you see that government controlled BBC won’t even entertain any feedback or comments on their website! Or maybe they haven’t yet figured out the technology to do this. LOL

  3. Truth be known Truth be known 20 May 2013

    Good article Brad. Fair comment. What I think is a problem is policy prejudice against whites when in a particular case that white individual is better qualified to do the job. Why should we stay here? Even worse, those who suffer from less qualified people getting positions of responsibility are those who can least afford to suffer. The SA governments affirmative action shoots those people it intends to help in the foot.

    People should all be treated equally, if you are qualified to do a job, you should get it, no harm in providing extra training to those who need it, but the best person for the job is the best thing for society as a whole.

  4. Ophthal Ophthal 20 May 2013

    A poor and transparent effort at cover up.

  5. Arthur Kendall Arthur Kendall 20 May 2013

    Thanks for a different perspective, Brad.

    I once sat behind John Simpson on a plane to Johannesburg and he appeared a little less self-important than he comes across in his reports. He does like to get around and find a good story, albeit they are sometimes rather predictable once you read/hear the headline.

    It would be good to find out what led him to declare that white farmers are twice as likely to be murdered than police officers. Trouble is, statistics seem to be very hard to come by in SA, certainly broken down by race. Then again, people do like to seize on headline statistics – and as we know, there are “lies, damn lies and statistics”, they can be manipulated to serve any purpose.

    On balance, however, transparency has to be the guiding principle of any organisation, public or private, commercial or non-profit. If more people knew the true picture, more could be done to target those areas most in need of improvement. Whilst minorities are often overlooked, they should not be used as a journalistic attention-grabber at the expense of equitable efforts – actual or desired – to improve the lives of everyone.

    Speaking of transparency, would you allow a quick plug for my campaign for the Fair and Transparent Development of Natural Resources, with a focus on Africa? Thanks!

  6. Greg Mitchell Greg Mitchell 20 May 2013

    You took the words right out of my…. keyboard. Agree fully! Repulsed. May be we should just ignore such crap.

  7. ZoomerBeemerMac ZoomerBeemerMac 20 May 2013

    Everyone is in danger of becoming a victim of violent crime in SA, regardless of their race or social standing. The issue is incompetence and institutional deficiency in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Still, one must ask questions of a government that fails to protect its citizens, black and white, especially its food producers. And if poverty is driving crime, why is it still such a huge problem? It would be narrow of Simpson to focus on the future of white people in South Africa in regard to crime. I think the future of the entire country is in question. And that is indisputable.

  8. Ouch Ouch 21 May 2013

    Valid points about the murder statistics. The government should make protection of all its’ citizens a priority. Like the ‘should be rule’ that CEOs and majority shareholders should be made to drink the water downstream of their effluent pipes. Those in power should have to live under the same conditions of vulnerability as the most vulnerable.

    The vast majority of white people in South Africa (and those who have left) are middle class. That is people who earn a living through the skills they were taught. This is not exactly “apartheid booty” but cultural tradition. Those skills did not come from other population groups. My experience is that those who have left have generally done exceedingly well wherever they have landed up. Financially certainly better off than if they had stayed. Benefiting from the collective efforts of societies that don’t have to waste time and effort on security.

  9. Jasper Stocker Jasper Stocker 21 May 2013

    Why are you quoting data from 13-16 years ago? It may seem like it’s still relevant because it’s probably true – but that’s anecdotal rather than any kind of ‘fact’. It weakens your article.

  10. manquat manquat 21 May 2013

    Crime should transcend race and there are no barriers to the hurt any race feels as a result of crime. A human life lost is a tragic thing. Human life is sacred and should be treated as such. No matter what race the person was, murder is murder. And the BBC reporter is just looking at how tragic the loss of life is in our country. This is not about race, but about murder in a country that is trying to be an international player and a beacon of hope for the dark continent.
    What we should do is try to stop being a basketcase. Stop making excuses for our incompetence and try to fix the problems we have. Let’s be ‘normal’ like other free market democracies in the international arena with ‘human rights’.

  11. Cecil Renfield Cecil Renfield 21 May 2013

    Too many white South Africans who emigrate to other ‘pastures’, do so with all their racial prejudices packed neatly in their luggage.

  12. Tim Tim 21 May 2013

    Brad, thank you for a well balanced critique of an article, which by the usual BBC standards, is desperately lacking in research and extremely superficial. It irks me that this will just go down as another negative article about SA despite any reasoned rebuttals thereto. This would not be out of place in the Daily Mail or worse yet, The Sun such is its tabloid nature.

  13. Grand Mother Grand Mother 21 May 2013

    Oh… there is a future…

    I mean it is a widely advertised fact that billboards lead to an enforced scenario…ie. the washing powder advertisement -boldly displayed — “Whites stay white longer and blacks stay black longer”.

    Now an unintelligent, unassuming – faded brown and grey haired old “doss” like me- would think about this in an unintelligent way. Is that not against the law of nature to be so prejudiced? If the concept once lived for by a Democracy was true… it would have on display broad band of colours to represent proudly the Rainbow Nation.

    Alas, whites are whites and blacks are blacks and we – sadly, the grain of your existence.

  14. Ernst Marais Ernst Marais 21 May 2013

    For so many years Afrikaner rule was demonised to great effect by the ANC in Exile and the various Anti-Apartheid movements.
    Now it is the ANC Government’s turn to feel the boot of what they see as biased reporting and many others consider as fair reporting.

  15. Andrew Wright Andrew Wright 21 May 2013

    Spot on – I saw his article & was completely appalled. John Simpson is, unfortunately, a highly respected correspondent and therefore this kind of rubbish can be taken seriously & quoted by bigots everywhere. You are right to take him to task … thank you.

  16. Grant Grant 21 May 2013

    Brad, while I agree with almost all of your points, I find farm murders a difficult one to pop into the general crime box. I am not sure what the motives of each individual murder are but I think there is a clear link between the convenient belief here that black Africans are the rightful ‘owners’ of the land and the fact that groups of armed criminals come onto land owned by farmers and make a point of terrorising and often murdering the inhabitants. It comes very close to a program of systematic removal of farmers through terrible violence and murder.

    Now this may not be the agenda of some big group and probably is not. Many of the invasions might simply have robbery as their motive but as I sit here and you sit there, we are both aware of that feeling that somehow thousands of murdered farmers are not simply part of the standard crime statistic. There is almost certainly a righteous cultural undercurrent that many of those who commit these murders tap into as justification and it is certainly a factor. This justification is given fuel every time the land issue is raised and the government plays the race card or the apartheid card. It is given fuel by the actions in Zim.

    The narrative here that whites ‘stole’ the land and thus it all truly belongs to blacks is a one sided and grossly simplified notion. Land ownership 350 years ago was a tricky business, ungoverned by a system and won by the gun and the spear. From Shaka to the Dutch and the Brits, they all knew…

  17. Gary Smith Gary Smith 21 May 2013

    As a ‘white’ South African, I agree that John Simpson’s article is biased, based on emotional hearsay, and statistically unproven. Crime is a major problem, but there is no doubt that the poor suffer far more than the rich in this regard. There is a future for every South African in this wonderful country, given good leadership and an even break – especially if we start pulling together to solve the problems. As long as we compartmentalise according to race and/or class, emotion will always cloud the real issues and we’ll get nowhere.

  18. patrick rorke patrick rorke 21 May 2013

    I think you have missed Smason’s point, namely that white farmers are being TARGETED for assassination . (Cops too). Nobody is denying the f3,000 odd black-on-black murders that happen in South Africa every year, or even the appalling brutality of some of these killings , particularly of black and coloured women. No right-thinking citizen can ever condone such atrocities. It is a different class of crime when a particular segment of society is rounded out to become the whipping-boy for perceived economic and political failures of the State, rooted h historically in the Anglo-Boer wars and 1913 Land Act.. It has been the STATED policy of the A.NC to drive the white farmers off their land KILL THE FARMER! KILL THE BOER (Rremember ?). Tthus the killing of farmers become POLITICAL MURDERS , and as such, deserves the definition “Genocide “. This is not because of the numbers involved, or that a certain segment of society is somehow more deserving of protection from the forces of evil. ALL CITIZENS ARE DESERVING OF PROTECTION FROM EV.ILDon’t , however , justify heinous crimes agaain’t a clearly defined socio-political group in terms of the crimes against another. Just because you are a black journalist does not give you are a franchise on being murdered . What is really happening is that the crANC is using Agriculture as a means to persuing their foolhardy economic ic objectives, and
    employing populist…

  19. The Critical Cynic The Critical Cynic 21 May 2013

    the statistical facts that you refer to are a virtual oxymoron. Everyone should read the article you refer to, even if it does refer to official SA government stats that are over 13 years old now so may or may not bear any correlation to now.

    Everyone should take note of the disclaimer on the cover page that states:
    The official state statistics claim that while, since 1994, all sub-categories of “violent crime” are on the increase, murder is the only sub-category on the decrease. However, these statistics are contested, for example, Interpol have South African murder statistics that are roughly double the official South African state statistics, while the South African Medical Research Council claim there are roughly a third more murders in South Africa than the official police statistics reveal. This castes doubt on the New South African government’s claim that the murder rate has in fact decreased since 1994.

    i.e. treat all statistics & claims of crime reduction & life being absolutely peachy that come out of the mouths of politicians with suspicion as they will only quote something to support the picture they want to present, just as this article does, despite the gems it contains (rich whites holding onto their apartheid booty – correct) and the inefficiency of the South African justice system,(correct) which being inefficient, treats murderers equally irrespective of the race of the person killed (incorrect assertion, money talks here Brad)

  20. ItsStillAyoba ItsStillAyoba 21 May 2013

    @Dave Harris – there are almost 500 comments on this article on the BBC website. Scroll down to the bottom of the article. The top five appear but you can click on a link to see all of them.

  21. GrahamJ GrahamJ 21 May 2013

    Poor Dave Harris, hiding behind political correctness. We all know the real reasons for the demise of SA, white or black.

  22. Jack Sparrow Jack Sparrow 21 May 2013

    Why not dispute the article with current credible facts Mr Cibane? You know why. None exist. As pointed out by The Critical Cynic, SA government statistics are questioned by tens or percents. My view is simple. If they were true and credible, the stats would be up to date and readily available. When they are late and incomplete they are not credible. Rather stick to writing fairy stories. My view: white people do not have a furure in SA, they are discriminated against by law and a minority cannot survive this. Farmers are just the most vulnerable and the first to suffer.

  23. Wow Wow 21 May 2013

    Foreigners rely on the information they hear coming out of RSA to base their assumptions on. And those facts are strike action, murders and violence during strike action, murder and rape of the everyday civillians and an inept corrupt government. I have family in Australia and the UK and that is what gets onto the news.

    So in the case of the plight of farmers all you have to do is listen to ANC bigwigs sing “dibula ibhunu with “kill the boer” subtitles, join the dots to the murder of white farmers and poof, you have a story.

    But is this the whole story? Nope, its just the tip of the ice berg because crime is affecting everybody everyday. Murder is rife in the townships, murder is rife in upmarket suburbs and those areas where integration of racial groups is taking place more quickly as is thew case of the middle class areas.

    So yes, white people do have a place in RSA, but until the discourse changes to say that we are welcome then we’ll just carry on living our lives as we always have. We block out the negativity from JZ, the trade unions, politicians and comentators such as @dave harris and just work, pay our taxes and focus on our family and friends.

    Being told everyday that everything is our fault from the 40s to 2013 doesnt make us keen to lend too many helping hands. Use it, dont use it…..

  24. Eldi du Bluel Eldi du Bluel 21 May 2013

    Absolute more PC axiomatic literary junk, Brad.

    As a white South African, I feel the exclusive black noose tightening as racists laws are slowly creeping in and strangling my family more and more.

    Especially, but not least, the constantly expanding BEE requirement.

    Now it no longer encompasses just a black/white employment ratio, but also forcing a ratio in top structure. If you don’t have the schooling (albeit watered down to suit), the know how nor the experience, this new attempt to force a round peg into a square hole will simply lower the already lowered standards even lower.

    And, what about my two boys? They are not black, they are not female (however recently that white potential also slithered down the sluice gates), they are not handicapped, visually impaired, deaf, dumb or dyslexic.

    There is NO future for whites in South Africa, with the ever expanding racist rules to force black prosperity and punish whites ad infinitum for the past.

    Unless the Helen or Mamphela and others can make a hand-held dent, to really foster our elusive rainbow ….

  25. Roy Low Roy Low 21 May 2013

    The only whites who benefitted from Apartheid were the Afrikaans whites.
    The English whites were pushed out of Government jobs by the Broederbonders.
    A case in point; My late grandfather was basically pushed out on early pension, and lived as a pensioner, for longer than he worked for the Railways !

    Think about that !!


  26. Themba Themba 21 May 2013

    Im glad someone such as you Brad read and wrote about this article because I was really disgusted with the kind of shoddy journalism that was displayed by Simpson.
    A little research would have helped Simpson

  27. dillon dillon 21 May 2013

    Its no surprise that the BBC has the wrong end of the stick. Most South Africans arent on the cutting edge of what going on in this country either. Most citizens believe the DA is a white party that will bring apartheid back if voted into office. Go figure. Everyone spins this the realities in this country the way they want to and for their own ends. Just depends which shade of grey you related to most.

  28. Concerned Concerned 22 May 2013

    Sorry, Brad you are on the wrong tack entirely. You say “crime has been a top priority of the ANC government”. What you can’t say is that the ANC shows any commitment and results. In policing, in justice system and especially morals. Everyday headlines shout the impunity that the ANC leaders have in crime. JZ783 on top of the list. The ANC shows gross incompetence, arrogance and a tolerance for crime, and lipservice does not crack it!

    White people do not belong to apartheid – the only growing apartheid is the entrenched racially-based immoral favouritism and financial support of the South African Blacks. And your statements show you embrace that apartheid! Shame on you!

  29. Tired of trying Tired of trying 22 May 2013

    I am just so tired of trying to do what is fair for everyone in our country and then hearing that nothing I do will ever help the situation. It is not just the responsibility of our government and justice system to help make South Africans feel equal and welcome, it is each and every one of our responsibility to better our futures. We do not need to do things that will get publicity or cost us a fortune, take every day and say I will not let these hatred feelings, of which I was not even a part of, creep into another South African generation. I will not be “that” person, friend or parent! I will not teach my children outdated and biased opinions of fellow citizens just as I was not taught those things by my parents. Just stop judging people you see everyday by what the colour of their skin is. You do not know anyone until you have shared a cup of coffee and had a proper conversation!!!! I know there are a lot that needs attention in our country and most of these issues cannot be resolved by mere individuals, but for the sake of future peace we can make the effort to at least try and get rid of these old-fashioned outlooks on South Africans. My great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents may not have been born here, but I have nowhere else to go and nowhere else that is my home, my only citizenship is South African. The same thing that ALL of our Identity booklets say. We are South Africans first, so let’s remember that the next time we notice skin colour…

  30. Wow Wow 22 May 2013

    I do enjoy the the ironies surrounding our police though. Our government tried to make it less of a force and more a service by changing its name. But then the new bosses gave the boys in blue military ranks and what seems to be impunity to act as they choose.

    I’m not surprised that south africans have no faith in the police, which is sad for the cops that actually do their best.

    What also confuses me is that south africans band together for sport, but when it comes to one of he most important issues we experience, we isolate ourselves and give up.

    Very interesting psychology.

  31. Mr Sarcasm Mr Sarcasm 22 May 2013

    “No future for white South Africans?” No future for anyone in this country as long as Jacob Zuma rules, unless you …………..????

    Above comment NOT sarcastic. :-(

  32. Toni Benoni Toni Benoni 23 May 2013

    Brad, back on planet earth my kid who is white and one month old is legally prejudiced for my and her grandfathers perceived sins – apartheid. She has more chance of becoming US president since her mum is a US citizen than SA president BECAUSE she is white and the ruling black elite in this country are so void of anything that vaguely looks like a vision for this country that all they have left is melanin based arguments. Her kids one day too will suffer this fate because the ANC had no plan other than getting into and staying in the drivers seat. The only future whites will have is as a technocratic class to run the economy long enough for the “leadership” to steal. Sad but true.

  33. Willem Willem 23 May 2013

    Brad I enjoy your work not because I agree with everything you say but because of your considered reasoning. Here’s my response: Why should I now (in the new SA) be told to get used to the violent crime (because we all suffer) when instead everybody should be crying out against crime relentlessly? Allow white farmers their grief -they weren’t used to being murdered before and neither should they be expected to get used to “their fair share” either! Or should they? Is that the best future for South Africa we can conceive of?

  34. Tofolux Tofolux 23 May 2013

    @Brad, I am quite surprised at the wholesale silence of the so-called white. Where are they voices in condemning these acts of gross dishonesty? Is there not one amongst any them who will do a simple but honourable act? Just one simple act of rising above a lie and declare boldly ”not in my name”? Where are all the virtuous”thoughtleaders” and others who continue to tell blacks how bad we are? Madiba’s glowing example of discipline and patriotism once again teaches us the spirit of a true African. Are we really surprised that we have to again bear witness of the weak and spineless? In fact why are we not begging the obvious question at the usual suspects? Why are we not taking them to task for their acts of gross dishonesty? Surely in any community, no one trusts a liar but clearly in South Africa, its ok for them to be dishonest. Why are we not taking them to task when they try and re-write our struggle history? Why are we not taking them to task when they abuse our icon and lie about his relationship with Suzman? This BBC story is just another example of this gross dishonesty. They are always lying to us, dancing with us, insulting us by calling us refugees this whilst speaking in our mother-tongue. This BBC story is a snapshot of who these people are. Not only will they trash this citizenry and our country , they will continue to insult us and regard as a mere refugees in our own country.

  35. OneFlew OneFlew 23 May 2013

    Your article seems a little overblown and defensive.

    Simpson reports that white farmers get killed at a particularly high rate and that nothwithstanding this no special effort is made to protect them.

    It’s not entirely clear to me why this should elicit such a defensive reaction.

    Are these farmers being killed at a particularly high rate? This can surely be factually verified. Is Simpson right or wrong? If he is right, what is being done about it? Nothing in particular, or something?

  36. rick baker rick baker 24 May 2013

    Apartheid created a relatively high standard of living for whites and a very low standard for blacks. Since 1994 poor leadership, gross incompetence, dishonesty and corruption has resulted in a huge drop in white standards and virtually no improvement in black living standards. What the world hoped would happen was for black standards of living to be lifted to match those of previously priviledged whites. The reality is a tragedy of monumental proportions as South Africa had the wealth to achieve a huge improvement in black living standards if properly managed.
    Simpson is correct to highlight what has actually happened. Imagine if he could have written that whites have maintained their standard of living and most blacks have caught up to them and hopefully passed them! This country could be the success story of the world but instead is on a steady downward trend to lower standards for the majority of its citizens, black and white. The relative few who have benefitted from corruption, cronyism, the gravy train and bee will obviously deny this but they are in the overall minority!

  37. ian ian 24 May 2013

    Tofolux – what? the bbc story is a snapshot of a reality that the anc would like no-one to see. extreme poverty is the reserve of the blacks it would seem, held aloft to demonstrate the horror of apartheid (lets just conveniently ignore that exterme poverty is worldwide). its horrific to consider portraying whites as being poor as apartheid handed all whites everything on a silver platter…and as the erudite activist in the bbc film said – all the power is still with the whites..but then as simpson demonstrates this is obviously not the case. strange that neither you nor Brad can make this connection. the misconception and deceit the anc spreads. thats gross dishonesty. the bbc film simply honest and taking a different view.
    there is no condemning the bbc gross dishonesty because there isn’t any..hope that clears it up for you.

  38. Tell the truth Tell the truth 24 May 2013

    the question that needs to be asked, is who is committing the crime?
    whose responsible for the sky high crime rates that plague this country?
    and what can be done to get rid of these criminals?
    and why are there so many people who get defensive when high crime rate is questioned. why are there so many people who are comfortable with the crime?

  39. Tofolux Tofolux 24 May 2013

    @Ian and Rick, your lack of intellectual honesty is quite astounding noting that you firstly support this act of gross dishonesty by Simpson and that you completely ignore a glaring fact that ANC did NOT create poverty in SA. If the Land Act of 1913 is anything to go by then clearly the propagandist history that was fed to you have completely distorted any ability to be honest. Also, it is quite funny that all the stories that was fed to the outside media pre 2010 World Cup was quite grandly exposed by another Brit, Jeremy Clarkson who was so surprised that he did not see a black person with an AK47 who wanted to mug him, hijack or kill him. He was so surprised that he could actually walk down a street in J.If 2010 world cup is anything to go by our visitors did not see one poor white person, But how intelligent is it that pre 1994, you were given jobs reserved for you, given sheltered employment, free housing, free access to any debt, welfare, the best education with the grandest facilities, all of this FREE OF CHARGE and yet you end up ”poor” post 1994? Isnt that just the craziest and stupidest scenario for those who wanted us to believe that your intellectual capacity had everything to do with the colour of your skin. Clearly once again we are faced with people who consistently deny that they eva supported or benefitted from apartheid but show how they again support that which is dishonest and immoral. Hence are we surprised? Nope becos a spade remains a spade.

  40. Ian Ian 25 May 2013

    Tofo. You confuse a whole lot of things.
    Don’t think I said at any stage ANC created poverty. They didn’t . They aren’t doing much to alleviate it.
    Stories fed to media? They created those themselves .
    Pre 1994…. Oh dear….don’t you see that this is what Simpson is trying to debunk…people weren’t given everything as you think… They were given the opportunity..lots made nothing of it, as do lots of people today, some just lost the plot.
    They didn’t get given houses, jobs or welfare, they got the opportunity…in fact I don’t think the nats did welfare….
    I’m not sure whether you are dishonest, or just willfully blind…

  41. Odingga Ogingga Di-Odinga Odingga Ogingga Di-Odinga 25 May 2013

    It does sound like Ian was born after 1994. Ian the NATS were the party that engineered the first affirmative action programmer in Africa and boy oh boy – they created the most effective welfare state in sfrika

  42. rick baker rick baker 26 May 2013

    ANC incompetence etc resulted in the missing of a fantastic and unique opportunity to dramatically improve the lives of most South Africans. The ANC has failed South Africa and the opportunity has passed, never to be repeated.

  43. Mandy Mandy 26 May 2013

    This debate has deflected attention from 2 critical issues. South Africa does not look after its poor, its vulnerable and its victims of crime. And as long as SouthAfricans of all races and political persuasions engage these issues only as a means of political point scoring, rather than as a failure of our collective humanity and as problems that have to be solved, we will never become a society in which those who are not somehow privileged are assured of a future.

  44. ian ian 28 May 2013

    Triple O – depends on your definition of welfare. don’t think the NATS were big on social welfare ala ANC..
    big on affirmative action, i’ll give you that one, but their calvinist approach wouldn’t stomach money for nothing.

  45. Reality Reality 2 June 2013

    NATs supported Afrikaners. The Black Management Forum is doing exactly what the Broederbonders did. Putting their buddies into key positions in the civil service often along tribal lines. Excellence was not a criteria then either. There were some completely useless civil servants and politicians and some very efficient ones then too. English speaking whites have seen it all before, which is why there are so many in business and so few in the civil service.They were always marginalised by the NATs. Nothing new. On a humorous note when a friend went to the army he was called a rooinek “piel neus” by the sargeant major. Took him a while to realise that it did not mean a peeling nose caused by the sun……

  46. Pabala Pabala 17 September 2013

    We are all victims of crime. Whites have the resources to make a big noise about it instead of uniting with non criminal blacks and assisting in eliminating poverty and fighting crime.

  47. Greg Greg 28 October 2013

    Apartheid booty? Will someone please tell me where I can find mine so I may remain shielded from poverty?

    My mother cleaned other people’s toilets while I went to school. My father died at 33 when I was eight and what little money he left us is long gone. They both never oppressed a single soul! I was born with a set of genes and DNA that imparted talents within me that I seized. I was deemed an “A.D.D. child” but I harnessed my scattered mind and restless energy and transformed them into something productive. I ran out of money in University (where’s that booty again?) and was forced to drop out but that too never stopped me. I did not blame anyone. I blame myself for my shortcomings in life.

    Today I work hard for what I have and I assure you, there’s no “booty” about it. But I support my wife and child and we are indeed “middle class”.

    I’m sick and tired of being the embodiment of apartheid because I’m white. Black South Africans need to leave the crutch of blaming apartheid behind, stop the self-loathing and find self confidence. Anything is possible, with or without government handouts and transformation!

    Transformation starts in the mind!

  48. Source rest Source rest 14 May 2014

    Comments are valid what I struggle with is the distinction that continues between black and white. There is no future for any South African if things don’t change. The fact is there are probably ( and I stand corrected) no one knows the accurate figs but it matters little in the larger scope, once we have achieved total transformation and of the 1.5 million jobs white people hold are rationalized and equality is achieved by replacing black people in those jobs. What happens to the 12 or so million unemployed black people remaining? There is a much larger picture at stake here. Without industry and growth there will be nothing for no one. Setting right the pains of the past is fantastic, but not the massive turnaround we need. It’s time to put that blankie to bed…’s not going to keep the nightmares at bay.

  49. Chris Chris 26 June 2014

    We can only receive wisdom by obtaining knowdege first. To be able to address the issue we need to get to the real truth encompassing our country. The only way to get to the truth is by looking at the issue that is real to all South Africans regardless of race/genda but as citizens. As Citizens we cannot neglect the past or present both good and bad .We have to embrace it in all its ugly truth united, its the only key to unlock the door to wisdom. Through wisdom and forgiveness we will be able to act. In acting as a united South Africa will have a brighter future. Not a brighter future for white or black or coloured or Indians but a brighter future for all South Africans. We cannot address the problem from a race perpsective, Should we do so, the risk of the past repeasting itself is an all trues real and present danger.
    – A South African!

  50. Bernpm Bernpm 16 December 2014

    “….He was so surprised that he could actually walk down a street in J……”

    FYI: We have been able to sort this one out

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