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Robert Brand on The Golden Compass

Check out Robert’s post on Christian fundamentalists getting their SMS fingers twitching over The Golden Compass. Yeeeeeesh! Nice little comment thread developing.

I’ve just found these two YouTube videos. Every side needs its propaganda :)

“Atheists Are Fools” and “We Are Here: The Pale Blue Dot”.

The second one is an amateur reworking of a reading from Carl Sagan’s The Pale Blue Dot, which I remember hearing as a kid on tape my dad, a schoolteacher, brought home from the school library. Or at least that’s how I remember it.

Regardless, Sagan’s words changed things for me. I still think about them often, though not nearly as often as I should. Still, I look forward to sharing them with my own children some day, in the hope that something will be stirred in them too.

Ooh! Just found another.

Have a great weekend! Looks like a few breaks of blue in the deep grey over Jozi. See you out there.