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Lev David

Posts published by “Lev David”

Lev David is a writer and creative consultant living in Jozi, South Africa. He works with grown-ups to help them create conversations that change things.

Lev finds serious people intolerable, is unable to distinguish between high-brow and low-brow and believes that anything worth doing is worth doing naked.

He also cooks, cleans, kisses on the first date, loves a good frisbee and a good Chianti equally, writes the fortnightly column A Quiet Riot for the Mail & Guardian, and knows that you know that he wrote this biography himself.

Email him here.

The Pledge: “We” or “I”

Slapping my forehead and calling myself an idiot, I realise now that something I didn’t think to mention in my column in this week’s M&G…

Robert Brand on The Golden Compass

Check out Robert’s post on Christian fundamentalists getting their SMS fingers twitching over The Golden Compass. Yeeeeeesh! Nice little comment thread developing. I’ve just found…

Mohammed: Bad News Bear

Oi! My fortnightly column, A Quiet Riot, runs again in this week’s Mail & Guardian, on sale from today (Friday, 7 December 2007). Here are…

Top 5 Burning Questions

Why are people giving me directions around Jo’burg in terms of the cardinal points? “Travel north,” they say. Where the hell is north? I’m a…