Over the past few months I have found myself being pursued by one or two gay guys who, for some obscure reason, can’t figure out that this is not my preference.

Like in any other office, I’ve also had to put up with enormous mickey taking, as you do, whenever “romance” is in the air.

If you’ve met me, I am to metrosexual what Mike Schutte is to ballet dancing. The closest I come to metro is when the speed cops pull me over.

The funny thing is, and it surprises me as much as my colleagues, is that it doesn’t give me any cause for concern. (Before the missus has a heart attack, the only closet I will ever be coming out of is the one in the ladies’ change rooms when they bust me).

It has, however, concentrated my mind on an area to which I’d never given much thought.

Put it this way: not many gay guys share my passions — rugby, cricket and soccer. While there are many sportsmen coming out, the interest does not translate, in my experience, to those following sport.

And I guess I owe my late father a huge debt of thanks in that he never raised us as racists or bigots. So dealing with this issue raised curiosity rather than fear.

Going back a couple of years, I traded correspondence with openly gay Independent (United Kingdom) journalist Johan Hari. It related to the Middle East and various issues pertaining to the region.

Johan has an interesting article on “Hatred and bigotry in the playground” in today’s Independent. He captures the essence of what it is like to live as a gay person in British society.

When we traded posts it never occurred to me that he was gay and I was straight. I was fully aware of it as he makes a point of ensuring that people know. Either way it never influenced our exchanges or detracted from the topics under discussion.

When I watch Prison Break it never occurred to me that I might study the character of Michael Schofield in light of the fact that it is a gay actor playing the part of a straight. I know he is gay because all the yentas keep saying “I can’t get over it, he’s gay, what a waste” and so forth.

And when I deal with and work with gay or lesbian people, I do not accommodate them; they are simply people. Unless, of course, they support Manchester United — then I can’t be expected to show tolerance … even I have limits.

What is staggering to me is that there are hundreds of millions of people on this planet who actually hate gay and lesbian people — those who actually abuse, torture or murder someone because of their sexual preference; those who get up in the morning with the intention of harming people because they are, in some ways, different to them.

Problem is, every one of us is different, so let’s all grab guns — it’s pathetic.

There is no issue to debate. Homophobia is wrong. If for religious or other reasons germane to you, you do not support or endorse their views, then that is your right. I would, however, ask you to question your hatred. It might not get your vote but it must get your tolerance.

One very interesting development with regard to this community is the appointment of Juan Uys, the alleged sex blogger, as media liaison for the new National People’s Party.

I hardly need point out that Uys has not been tried or convicted at this point. The allegations at this stage are merely that, with a court to decide whether he was the blogger concerned who committed the alleged offences.

In this instance, I don’t believe my question relates to the gay and lesbian community but rather to the NPP: If you are seriously putting time and effort into becoming a political party, don’t you think that the person in charge of personnel needs to be assessed?

When he/she got up the morning of the appointment, did he/she look in the mirror and ask: “Which person charged with being the infamous sex blogger can I appoint as our media liaison officer?”

I would love to be at the press conferences when the new media liaison officer is questioned about the NPP. Simply put, I doubt the issue, as far as the press will be concerned, will ever be the NPP!

Controversial is as controversial does, guys; the problem is that you land up with all the attention and nowhere to go.

Perhaps that is the end goal — famous politicians seek new party. Please forget why you know us.


  • Mike Trapido is a criminal attorney and publicist having also worked as an editor and journalist. He was born in Johannesburg and attended HA Jack and Highlands North High Schools. He married Robyn in 1984 (Mrs Traps, aka "the government") and has three sons (who all look suspiciously like her ex-boss). He was a counsellor on the JCCI for a year around 1992. His passions include Derby County, Blue Bulls, Orlando Pirates, Proteas and Springboks. He takes Valium in order to cope with Bafana Bafana's results. Practice Michael Trapido Attorney (civil and criminal) 011 022 7332 Facebook


Michael Trapido

Mike Trapido is a criminal attorney and publicist having also worked as an editor and journalist. He was born in Johannesburg and attended HA Jack and Highlands North High Schools. He married Robyn...

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