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Do you want to be a Lazy Brain Trainer?

Did anyone know we’re in the midst of the Year of Creativity 2008?
Apparently we are. Don’t believe me? Check out

While you’re there, take a browse through their ‘Be the Change’ project, which they describe as “an entertaining and ironic way of expressing our multiple identities through a set of highly original, personalised business cards.”

Or, a way to reinvent yourself, “because people are like ideas. New ones can change the world.”

For some ideas of the business cards on offer, here are a few of my favourites:
* Sand Castle Real Estate Consultant
* Cake Carver
* Self-Esteem Tester
* Prickly People Barber
* School Excuse Writer
* Colour Inventor
* Anxiety Extinguisher
* Smile Restorer

They’re all beautifully designed, and they give you the chance to search for your ideal profession … Love Handle Polisher, anyone?


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