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Raise your hand if you love the Transkei

I do. What’s not to love?

Stunning scenery with a splash of the unspoilt about it, fabulous swimming beaches, friendly people, cows, more cows, and a taste of South Africa that doesn’t taste like anywhere else in the country.

What I don’t love about the Transkei is that it’s about to be ruined. Pretty conclusively ruined.

Despite numerous complaints, the SA Department of Minerals and Energy has given an Australian mining company permission to mine the Transkei coastline. Environmental groups are lobbying to have the Wild Coast listed as a world heritage site, but time is running out, fast.

Apparently the kind of mining they’ll be doing is called “Open Cast” mining — one of the most destructive forms of mining for the environment. The Wild Coast is so beautifully untouched and pristine, but not for long if this goes through.

One of the arguments on the mining side is that the whole thing will provide extra work for the locals, but as it turns out the techniques they’re using need mostly skilled and technical labour that will have to be imported into the area. And all the profits will be exported.

Do you care? I hope so. If you do, please sign this online petition. It won’t take more than 20 seconds (I promise, I’ve done it!) and it might just help.

One of my favourite things is when people stop whining and start doing. Let’s lend them a hand.