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Time to call it quits, Jake

I thought I was going to let my fellow bloggers run with the ball on this great rugby debate, but I just have to claim my pound of flesh. So, here goes! I think Jake White should do more than pee on the ashtrays on the desks of his bosses (as fellow blogger Chris Moerdyk […]

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ANC war of the bulldogs — part one

It is no secret that the main rivals for the ANC presidency have — for a while now — been grooming and breeding vicious bulldogs. How else can one describe the behaviour of both Mbeki and Zuma’s lieutenants in attacking each other in the ongoing mudslinging showdown in the ruling party? Like ruthless animals they […]

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What are Zuma and Mbeki lobbyists smoking?

Someone must invest in a sledgehammer and knock some sense into the heads of the supporters of Jacob Zuma for excluding President Thabo Mbeki from their list proposals for the powerful ANC national executive committee. That person should also deal a good blow to Mbeki’s backers for doing the same with Zuma. Turn that sledgehammer […]

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National interest versus public interest

Writing in “A decade of democracy“, published by the finance weekly Financial Mail, President Thabo Mbeki says: “Those who tell the story of the past decade must show they have assimilated the spirit of new times and can speak in its language.” For me, at least for the purposes of this blog, I will misinterpret […]