Warren Foster

Probing parenthood

A decision by the Cape High Court has sent concerned parents into a huff as they question the competence of courts and fear the infringement of their own rights to raise their children as they see fit. While newspapers “umm” and “aah” their way around the wording (bouncing between “divorce”, “pseudo-emancipation” or “separation”), the short…

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A how-to on considerate cinema-going

Yesterday I went to see Invictus (good, not great, bring tissues) with my usually sufferable parents but was promptly reminded of why I have not seen been to the cinema with the pair of them since the disastrous Liar Liar (circa 97) incident — which saw an embarrassed younger brother and I seeking refuge in…

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On divisive symbols in the new South Africa

It seems that every other week we are confronted with the reality of an ever changing nation. Summer rolls around, housing developments go up, presidents change, ministers and premiers shuffle around. “We live in exciting times” is a refrain I’ve heard often over the course of the past two months. And every so often, in…

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Girls on film

Being a suckling young media consumer, I can flick through DStv channels with all the dexterity and fervour of a dog digging a hole. Recently, I’ve been trying to reconnect with my generation, because being a jazz- and folk-loving bookworm at twentysomething is “so not on”, but I am simultaneously incensed and jaded by the…

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Putting everything in a box to the left

Do you like being put into a box? Is the complexity of your character clearly classified? Are the intricacies of your integrity irreversibly ingrained? Or should not, rather, the mettle of your manner be made malleable? I think so. I have always tried to think so, at least. Some would stand by their “fixed” identity….

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If you see Britney, give her a hug

Congratulations to the very young Jody Williams for winning over the hearts of thousands of South Africans and becoming the South African Idol for 2007. It’s not hard to see why she won: she’s cute, she can sing, she’s got spunk (though it took some time to emerge) and, most importantly, she’s the perfect pick…

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Women love Zuma?

The ANC Women’s League’s endorsement of Jacob Zuma for the party’s presidency is mind-boggling. I just can’t fathom it. I acknowledge that the body can and should support whomever it wants. People accusing the league of missing an opportunity to give a woman a fighting chance at the top seat are blithely missing the fact…

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I dunno … maybe we should all go running

If I bungle my argument along the way, please excuse me, I’m actually fairly vexed as I write this: I’ve just had my third debate about rugby being “left alone” in recent days. Just as we had anticipated, South Africa returned with the World Cup in hand and the politics came following after. The issue…

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Mmm … methinks the Constitution is the cheese!

I hate to be the … *checks it* … fifth person, effectively, to write on the subject of Mondli Makhanya and Jocelyn Maker’s apparently-no-longer-impending arrest (on this site alone), but being a still wet-behind-the-ears media practitioner, I find this situation simply far too enticing to not add my two cents’ worth. Much of the debate…

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From MyMedia to OurMedia

This piece began life as a response to Zukile Majova’s rather verbose entry on “National interest versus public interest“, but the more I wrote the more I found myself including my own definitions and/or interpretations to the debate. Eventually I decided that I should probably treat this as something more of my own verbose rant…

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