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Trevor Sacks

Posts published by “Trevor Sacks”

Trevor Sacks is a freelance writer living in Cape Town, South Africa. His work has appeared in n+1, the New York Times, Sports Illustrated, the Cape Argus and several other titles. His as-yet-and-likely-always-to-be unpublished novel, Lucky Packet, was Highly Commended by judges of the 2015 Dinaane Debut Fiction Award.

On Workers’ Day, it’s Anarchy vs Chaos

Certain common word usages literally get my blood boiling. Okay, that one was on purpose. Slate’s great podcast, Lexicon Valley, discusses all kinds of language-related…

Auschwitz should put us off our food

While a crudely assembled advert that ran in the Mail & Guardian featuring pictures of a pork factory farm and concentration camp prisoners side by…