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Is Motlanthe in the Eighteen Area?

If recent media speculations are anything to go by, it could be time to bring up to date a line in the song titled Shibobo by “celebrated South African musician” (read soccer player) Benedict McCarthy — a song co-produced with South African kwaito music group TKZee: “Kgalema in the 18 areaaa!” Eighteen yards from the […]

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Dreams From Mangaung

For every occasion, there is an instance so poignant only the willfully blind and the intentionally deaf can miss it. Such moments tend to happen outside and in spite of the rehearsed and the orchestrated. They can be dramatic or surreal. In the FIFA World Cup of 2006, such a definitive moment occurred in the […]

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Our real heroes

I will remember the week of August 28 to September 4 2011 for more than the hordes of Malema supporters who descended upon the Johannesburg city centre. The week will be remembered by me for more than the fiery words of the minister of sport, Fikile Mbalula, who while speaking from underneath a gigantic and […]