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Gird your loins, chaps

I had the rather dubious pleasure of attending a discussion on the matter of the proposed media appeals tribunal and protection of information at the University of Johannesburg last night. Let me warn you from the outset: if you want intelligent, honest and frank discussion, do not go to these events. Just don’t. “Honest” discussion […]

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Run Benni, run…

A moment of silence for the Bafana team caterers, please. Benni McCarthy’s exclusion from the World Cup squad must come as a dreadful blow to them. A dreadful blow indeed. That’s my offering to the ever-increasing collection of Benni jokes doing the rounds. His must be one of the most inglorious career closures in South […]

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Notice where the ANC drew the line on Malema?

I know you’ve had enough of reading about Julius, but this one is different. Promise. Because it’s a bit of good news at last! Earlier today, the ANC issued a statement condemning the behaviour of Youth League President Julius Malema at a press conference yesterday towards BBC journalist Jonah Fisher. Malema called Fisher, amongst other […]

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All your base are belong to Fifa

South Africa’s artists shouldn’t be the ones moaning. Do they really think they’re going to be worse off thanks to the World Cup? In case you’ve been under a rock for the last few weeks, or have been too busy living your life to care, a bunch of South African artists, lead by the poet […]