Sanjeev Gupta

Delhi: The games people play

The views in this article have been expressed in the author’s private capacity The debacle surrounding India’s competency to host the Commonwealth Games begs two “tricky” questions. Firstly, is there still a place in today’s world for the Commonwealth? And secondly, what was India thinking bidding for the Games? My views on each follow. Is…

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The Cup of Spirit

If the primary purpose of a tournament held every four years for four intense weeks is merely to prove which nation is the best, it would be better not to have the Fifa cup at all. There is enough soccer played throughout these four years for anyone to come up with a perfectly legitimate conclusion…

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The World Cup of destiny

If continents were companies, Africa would be an investment banker’s delight and a consultant’s playfield. It would offer real opportunities to unlock a host of obvious synergies and realise its true potential through careful restructuring and timely intervention into human egos and vested interests. And 2010’s Fifa World Cup could well be the perfect catalyst….

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From the Acropolis to the Burj

Recent reaction to the Greek economic crisis was striking in its dissimilarity to the reaction to Dubai’s economic woes in 2009. Dubai was effectively written off as a nation doomed to permanent decline whereas Greece has been rallied around. I guess it really does pay to be part of the European Union. German Chancellor Merkel…

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Control greed by all means but don’t strangle it

In the wake of the biggest financial apocalypse of our times, the media has loudly voiced concerns about corporate behaviour. Despite widespread condemnation, corporate incentives and bonuses are already returning with a vengeance now that there are strong signs of a recovery. Should they be rewarded already? And as generously as the media would have…

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India: Not for the faint-hearted

The irrepressible Winston Churchill once quipped: “India is no more a country than the equator is.” To try and define it, to try and understand it and to try and explain it as one homogeneous entity is impossible. This country’s unique diversity, rich heritage and cross-cultural mosaic have been well chronicled but the many layers…

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Dubai, an economic powerhouse that’s just getting started

Many a story abounds about the rapid emergence of Dubai as an economic powerhouse. In just 35 years, the country has morphed from a trading outpost to a unique duty-free shopping destination, from a beach holiday resort to one of the world’s busiest ports and dry docks, from a gold exchange to the premier financial…

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