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Stuff the poor

I was reading the Sunday Times last week and noticed an article about a gathering in Zambia by some of South Africa’s top CEOs. They met for part of the time they were there, but they also partied quite hard, from all accounts. What was the point of this article, I thought? And why did […]

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A special day

This Friday, March 21, is special not only because it is both Human Rights Day and Good Friday, but also because it has significance in a range of different religions. Human Rights Day is the day on which South Africans celebrate the Bill of Rights contained in the Constitution. Initially March 21 was known as […]

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Using Madiba

It was interesting to notice last week a few blogs on Thought Leader about Nelson Mandela, affectionately known as Madiba. I was hoping to respond to these blogs earlier, but blogging is not my full-time occupation and I just could not find the time to do so. I have always felt that many people use […]