Ravi Mackenjee

Eskom simply has no clue…or does it?

Eskom. Just mentioning the name results in a flurry of negative emotions coursing through the veins of just about every South African. This energy crisis is probably the single most devastating event in the past 20 years, it’s destroying the confidence of the country as a whole and places our entire economy in a chokehold….

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Dear government, you’ve let things slide too far

My previous letter to you seemed to strike a chord with some of my fellow South Africans, hence this letter to you. Once more, I will use a point form approach. 1. We need decisive leadership. That does not mean holding a press conference. Apart from making you out to be perennial underachievers, they bear…

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Why I criticise the government, intombazane and other degrees of equality

As someone recently told me, “it’s very easy to criticise the government”. That is true, but deserves further thought. The reality is that this is exactly what our current political dispensation fought for. The lives lost, families torn apart and the blood shed was all done in the hope of creating the very freedoms that…

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Dear Government, why must you fly business class?

Dear South African Government I have come to a few realisations. All of which are admittedly obvious, but still need to be mentioned. I think a point-form approach will put things across more succinctly. 1. We as the citizens of this country pay your salary. Yet the rules for the way we earn our money…

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The day democracy died

The State of the Nation address has demonstrated a few startling realisations to many of us. What was for a long time a subtle, nuanced, means of eliciting control over media and any opposition to government was flung out into the open during the address. The ANC seems to battle with what Constitutionalism really is….

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