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Paul Ngobeni

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Paul Ngobeni was born and raised in Lydenburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa. He graduated with a BA (magna cum laude) from Hamilton College, New York and Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from New York University School of Law. He is currently employed as a special advisor to the Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs. He was previously employed by the University of Cape Town as a Deputy Registrar Legal Services. Mr Ngobeni was recently appointed to serve on the Task Team advising the African National Congress on constitutional law matters where he assisted in designing its legal strategy for defending President Jacob Zuma against pending corruption charges. He has also served as a consultant for the South African Ministry of Housing on various legal matters, including transformation.

During his practice in the United States, Mr Ngobeni litigated many cases which have been published and were for the most part cases of first impression. Mr Ngobeni has a perfect solution for reactionary anti-transformation elements in South African society -- just listen to the rantings and ravings of members of the Democratic Alliance in this regard.

The myth of white judicial competence II

Judging by the volume of responses to my last article, “Will the JSC debunk the myth of white judicial competence?” I surmise that South Africans…