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What if Jozi offered you a rose garden?

Often in life, we complain about how little others do for us, how few good things happen, and how hard life is. This is probably true. So when I experience an exception to the rule, it really stands out, and I wonder who has made this possible. The exception worth nothing is the rose garden […]

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Lindfield House – the place to pause

The beauty of some of the genuine treasures of life, is that they are hidden. They have managed to live out their entire existence quietly, unself-consciously and often quite obscurely, away from the bright lights and polished packaging of the modern media. So rare are they, that we tend to assume they aren’t there. But […]

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A tribute to the Mkhonto Eleven stars

You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. We drove into Alex and met up with the Mkhonto Eleven under-15 soccer team. Kitted out in black and white and their new boots (sponsored by Friends of Alex), they were happy, excited, and chirpy … yet disciplined, on time and grateful for the taxi that […]