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A day in the life of a South African technocrat is hectic. For starters, we email a lot. We also check our Facebook pages, update our status, and comment quite a bit. And tweeting is definitely not just for the birds. Then we check our email. We text. We update our MySpace pages, and then […]

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‘Nikey’ and the Price War

So, here’s the question: If products were forced to carry labels that disclosed the product’s full cost to society, would you have the conviction to put certain products back? If you picked up a pair of the latest Nikey shoes, would you have the courage to return them to the shelf when you saw their tag?

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‘Nikey’ and the price war

Prices lie. Well, at the best they tell a half truth, masking a lot of what the full cost of a particular product is. A price tag will tell you, for example, that the bottle of Coke you’re holding costs one thing, while in actual fact the real cost is usually far more. I am […]