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Things aren’t alright

I’ve been writing for Thought Leader for roughly two years, and consistently on the same types of issues. I write about consumerism, “affluenza”, climate change, environmental degradation, oil and coal addiction, and the politics of eating meat — and after each piece, when I go through the comments, I’m left with the same overwhelming feeling: […]

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Flesh eaters

Nothing I could tell you about meat production will shock you. The factory farms and the routine, unrelenting torture of animals; the environmental cost of producing the amount of meat we eat; the amount of antibiotics and hormones relentlessly pumped into the animals because of how they are raised — and what those antibiotics mean […]

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Powering madness

For a while now I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how recent events in Japan and the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico are similar in some way; what’s the link between them? I’m not talking about some weird conspiracy theory, like the one linking the Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami […]

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I think it’s outrageous that Shell sponsors part of the environment section on the National Geographic website. What makes the situation even more ironic is that right beneath one of Shell’s adverts on the page is National Geographic’s slogan: Inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888. Now I don’t think there are many […]

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Thou shalt want, more

Imagine for a minute you woke one morning to find all advertising replaced with religious scripture. If you are Christian, imagine the messages were Muslim, and vice versa if you’re Muslim. Every logo, billboard, television advert and radio spot, now a quote from the Bible. How would you respond? I’m pretty positive that people would […]

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The real zoo city

I live just down the road from the Joburg Zoo. Close enough that on quiet nights you can sometimes hear the lions roar. At first the thought of lions caged-up in the city seemed sad; now I’m not so sure how I feel. Perhaps it’s because I like the thought of the pandemonium that would […]