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Illicit capital flowing out of Africa often benefits foreign investors

By Antonio Macheve Jr The US-Africa Summit in Washington DC has built enormous expectations for the development of Africa, particularly in what concerns economic ties, trade relations, investments and business between the nations of the African continent and the US. Despite enormous human-rights violations, conflict, widespread disease and other ills commonly known to Africa, the […]

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iANC ayisafani

By Kelebone Lekunya I first knew of the liberation movement called the ANC when I was a teenager. I’ve noticed lately that it takes a very different form. Back then it was a party associated with equality for all, non-racialism and non-sexism. I was told tales of its principled and brave leaders like John L […]

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A personal reflection on the election

By Kelebone Lekunya Twenty years ago South Africa was ushered into the era of freedom and democracy where old guys like Nelson Mandela voted for their very first time in their seventies. Of course that freedom didn’t come on a silver platter: it was paid with the ultimate price of the blood of martyrs like […]

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The mining multinationals in Mozambique: Is it a win-win situation?

By Antonio Macheve Jr The generic stories of multinational companies extracting natural resources from poor resource-rich countries often maintain a strong emphasis on exploitation of cheap labour, environmental degradation, poor local economic and social development, and unresponsive corporate social responsibility policies as the most direct effects of such operations on the population, particularly around the […]

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Don’t be another Mandela

By Kelebone Lekunya I think we have to acknowledge the big role that Nelson Mandela played for the “liberation” of the blacks and whites in South Africa. Nevertheless, I don’t think we should be obsessed with him to the extent of thinking of everything as being Mandela. The man played his part and left us […]