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It’s the law, stupid!

Submitted by Chris McConnachie South Africans are a relatively undemanding lot when it comes to our elected representatives. We can look past their dubious private moralities, tolerate their inconsistent public statements or even gloss over their past criminal records. What we do demand from our representatives, at bare minimum, is a level of respect for […]

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Aluta continua!

Submitted by Aalia Ismail Fourteen years on and what we have seen are distorted, dark-continent hypotheses-like attempts by the media to explain South Africa’s current state. This is a direct reflection of the destruction of our identity by colonial monsters further bludgeoned by our peripheral position in the skewed international political economy, as a result […]

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Where goes the continent?

Submitted by Rachel Adams In February of this year, Jody Kollapen, Chairman of the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) stated that Nelson Mandela had taken reconciliation too far and that there had been an “undue focus on reconciliation rather than transformation“. Of course in all the god-like worship that surrounded the presidency of Nelson […]

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Kenya’s animal science phenomenon

Submitted by Lionel Faull Lionel Faull stumbles across an entry in the little-known East African Journal of Animal Behavioural Science … Kenya is world famous for its wilderness safari experience, thanks to its magnificent landscapes and teeming wildlife. A new species of mammal has recently emerged, however, whose predatory characteristics have thrown the tourism sector […]

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On makwerekwere…

Submitted by Boitumelo Magolego The inside cover of my Oxford English dictionary features a word with which I have become all too familiar: the word is kwerekwere. (It may be more familiar to you with one of its vernacular language–dependant prefixes prepended — the Sotho singular being le– and plural ma–, the Nguni singular being […]

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Clash of civilisations? Human rights? THE WEST AND THE REST: AN AFRICAN PERSPECTIVE

Submitted by Demaine Solomons My intention with this piece is to attempt to connect two issues that still generates a fair amount of debate and controversy; Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilisations article and the idea or perhaps the possibility of the universality of human rights. However, I do want to do this from another perspective, […]

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Student media: SA’s ugly duckling

Submitted by Lionel Faull On National Press Freedom Day last October, Daily Dispatch deputy editor Andrew Trench gave a lecture at Rhodes University in which he mentioned the “juniorisation” of South African newsrooms. As deputy editors go, Andrew is pretty young himself. But his point was that there is a yawning gap in age, skills […]

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Afropessimism or bust?

Submitted by Tristan Görgens Our Afropessimism has an indignant tone. South Africa has long been the home of exceptionalism. We did white, minority rule differently, we fought for liberation differently, we avoided civil war with a negotiated settlement, we taught the world about truth and reconciliation, we were the champions and purveyors of Nepad and […]