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Take a short left, captain

So the taxi industry wants to launch a low-cost airline. Seriously? As soon as this year? I’m nervous, shocked but most of all appalled. Of course I’m not one of those absurd people who think Baba Mkhize from the Bree taxi rank will give up his fake leather jacket, izincab’elela and fong kong Nike Clima-FIT […]

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Zakumi and me

One morning, recently, I woke up to realise that this 2010 thing is happening. You know what 2010 thing I am talking about, right? I have not bought into it and I am in the passive revolution against it. Please do not get me wrong, I am usually very optimistic (NOT), but it’s just the […]

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Food for thought

So there are certain things that we natives have learned from the coming of the civilised. Well, I will not say learned, but rather cultivated to certain systems. This cultivation is particularly rife when it comes to our food. Why do you think people have subjected themselves to the consumption of raw fish eggs and […]