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Haji Mohamed Dawjee

Posts published by “Haji Mohamed Dawjee”

Although Haji Mohamed Dawjee should be putting her degree in music to better use she suffers from stage fright so instead she spends her time at the Mail & Guardian as the social media editor. Besides pushing the M&G's stories on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Instagram, Haji also throws together social media news and views for our readers and keeps an eye on our competitors' social media stats. Her other eye is used for cat-naps and her ears are on the ground so she can hear the buzz around the latest trend. She's a little funny, slightly quirky and she smells good most of the time. Pigeons are her Kryptonite and she shoots apostrophes.

Follow her on Twitter: @sage_of_absurd

The hunt for the Mandela gene

I arrived back from a holiday in India to tragic news. Nelson Mandela had died. The next few days at work were laced with jet…