Elaine Rumboll

Curiosity: A new coping strategy for the modern world?

In a world where things are happening faster, change is the only constant, and the rate of change is itself increasing, it seems only sensible to assess the effects that this fast-paced, communications-enhanced lifestyle might be having on how we live, work and socialise today. You do not need to look far to see the…

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Ecovation – lessons from nature for ecologically innovative capitalism

Scientists the world over are in agreement: The earth’s resources are depleting at unprecedented rates and ecosystems all over the planet are in decline. Is this the end of the world as we know it or is it a massive opportunity for the endless inventiveness of humanity? There is evidence that human beings are rising…

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Weapon of mass collaboration (or how the market has just gotten smarter)

Rapid change is integral to how we operate these days. Although South African businesses have often been praised for the way in which they are able to harness rapid change for organisational results, the impact of this quicksilver modus operandi has not however been fully digested for our businesses practises in the long term. Ever-accelerating…

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