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Why Lekota is a big hypocrite

I’m absolutely amazed at Mosiuoa Lekota’s recent condemnation of a lack of democracy in the ruling African National Congress, as one of the major reasons for his leading role in the formation of the breakaway Congress of the People (Cope), which will contest the 2009 elections against the ANC. We needed a mass-based leftist alternative […]

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Whither our children?

Let there be no doubt, the future of our children is seriously at stake. A growing social crisis in our schools and townships has engulfed the youth, particularly teenagers. While this crisis has manifested itself in diverse forms in our society it is its wide-ranging negative effects in schools across the country that demands the […]

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Thought Leader is a catalyst

My understanding is that this new online blogging site is not an elitist project but instead aims to engage with and draw into its conversations all readers of the paper and in fact more and more citizens of this country. This country urgently needs to develop many more strong, independent and critical thinkers, not only […]

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The big Zuma factor

The biggest political question hanging over all our heads at this critical moment in our history is that of Jacob Zuma. What will he do — or not — if and when he becomes the president; not so much of the ANC, but of the country? Cosatu and the SACP’s frenetic support for Zuma is […]