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Youth month not just about June 16

June is youth month and the theme has something to do with youth getting involved in economic opportunities. Quite appropriate I must say. Now and then we have a period of time when we dedicate our national attention to one important cause, a demographic group, heritage, or an issue of national or socio-cultural interest. We […]

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Superman, at a school near you…

The “village” and your family are supposed to be the first school everyone is exposed to. They’re supposed to teach us the fundamentals of living harmoniously together and sharing this world with others. But both the school and family are fighting for their very survival in today’s so-called modern forms of social organisation. The township […]

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More World Cup babalaas

The best way to snap out of a World Cup hangover is to take a good look at the financial ruins visited upon the so-called advanced economies and then take a look at our solid grounding, which has helped us survive the worst of the global financial crisis. There is much to be happy with […]

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The World Cup paradigm shift

One of the many definitions of paradigm is that it is “a pattern or model, or an exemplar”. Another says that it is a “thought pattern” or a way of looking at or relating to things. With the World Cup having come and gone, this is a great opportunity to ride the positive wave of […]

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How to stop litterbugs

Baby cats are cute little things called litter. That’s not the litter I’m talking about here. This is about human litter. Not the daily verbal type either, the physical mess we scatter around freely. It’s the product of a nasty, filthy habit of those with no regard for the environment or what happens to the […]

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The Ubuntelligence test

In case you missed it, Ubuntelligence is generally defined as the “ability and courage to seek out and connect to other, seemingly different, fellow human beings. It is about establishing meaningful connections with others, within given timelines, without due regard for individual or personal gain. It focuses on collective value in the short, medium and […]

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2010: The year of Ubuntelligence

Anyone can come up with a new word, a new term or new concept, right? Here’s one for you for today: Ubuntelligence©. This is the ability and courage to seek out and connect to other, seemingly different, fellow human beings. It is about establishing meaningful connections with others within given timelines and without due regard […]

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I’m all for leaders that deliver

In politics, as in development, it is not always true that whoever pays the piper chooses the tune. In case some of our Thought Leader bloggers have not noticed, there is fresh impetus in South Africa right now towards a new leadership culture of accountability and visible service to people in need. Ministers spending nights […]