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To BEE or not to BEE?

The brouhaha surrounding the Pretoria High Court’s ruling to reclassify South African-born Chinese (pre-1994) as coloured is turning into a “broken telephone” message — ironically, also known as a “Chinese whisper”. When viewed from outside the country, the issue would seem quite farcical, if only it were not so tragic. The nitpicking and mud-slinging that […]

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Going nowhere slowly

“So is the flight on time?” I ask. “Yes,” she replies, lying through her teeth. “Are you sure there are no delays today?” “Not as far as I know,” she smiles, maintaining her chirpy disposition. She hands me my boarding pass knowing full well that once I pass security, there is no way I can […]

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Caught in the crossfire

My partner and I have been studiously avoiding a piece of paper sitting on the kitchen counter. It’s been days since it arrived, and it sits there, demanding our attention. We both don’t want to deal with it, but somehow its presence muscles in on our conversations. So we discuss it half-heartedly; then, like all […]