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Posts published by “Dion Chang”

Dion Chang is an innovator, creative thinker and visionary. He is a sought-after trend analyst, and while his feet remain firmly planted on African soil, he uses a global perspective to source new ideas, gauge the zeitgeist and identify cutting-edge trends. Local and international corporations have turned to him as a consultant because of his ability to think outside the box.

For 15 years he has worked in various fields in the magazine and fashion industries, and currently operates as a freelance journalist and columnist, specialising in social commentary. He has written a book based on his popular cartoon character Gloria, has sat on the judging panel of South Africa's premier magazine awards, and has faced the nation as a TV presenter.

He is committed to growing the local fashion industry and has through a variety of organisations mentored the young guns of South African fashion design. His trends analysis company, Flux Trends, is responsible for launching the groundbreaking annual Flux Trend Review.

To BEE or not to BEE?

The brouhaha surrounding the Pretoria High Court’s ruling to reclassify South African-born Chinese (pre-1994) as coloured is turning into a “broken telephone” message — ironically,…

Going nowhere slowly

“So is the flight on time?” I ask. “Yes,” she replies, lying through her teeth. “Are you sure there are no delays today?” “Not as…

Caught in the crossfire

My partner and I have been studiously avoiding a piece of paper sitting on the kitchen counter. It’s been days since it arrived, and it…