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2010: A sneaky preview

Here are some predictions for 2010. The crystal ball was unfortunately more greasy than usual, so take these with a pinch of nerves and keep that tongue close to your cheek. In January, Darrell Bristow-Bovey formally returns to the literary scene with the publication of a new book called I Am My Own Wife. It […]

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Songs for the road

There’s something about a song that can take you right back to a moment. Compared to photographs, which are often a disappointing record of a holiday, music can bring your holiday back to life years later. This is why one should spend at least as much time in selecting which music to take along as […]

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Corne and the ‘Blitz’ Krige saga

SuperSport’s unashamed bias in rugby commentary is typified by the bland and bombastic commentator Hugh Bladen, who acts as a sort of glorified cheerleader as he yells out encouragement from behind the microphone. All that he’s missing is a skimpy skirt and a pair of generous boobs, although his banal comments act as boo-boobs quite […]

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OR Tambo Airport: A claim to shame

For a country that is expecting to host the football World Cup in less than 900 days, here’s how the International Arrivals section at OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg is currently going about its business. I arrived at the dire baggage claim area just after 17:00 on Tuesday 4 March after a flight that had […]

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Las Vegas unplugged (part 1)

Here are some snapshots live from Las Vegas, the city I’ve been in for the last week. This post may be a bit disorderly, but I’ve got the ring of slot machines in my ears. It’s a sound that follows you everywhere in this city. Every hotel and its resident casino has a gimmick to […]

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The sinister Marc Dutroux cover-up (part one)

It’s worth reminding ourselves of the events surrounding Belgian paedophile abductor Marc Dutroux. Institutions that are meant to protect society can sometimes contribute to misdeeds of the most sinister kind. The Dutroux case was characterised by deliberate police incompetence and behind-the-scenes murder of witnesses. In June 1995, two eight-year-old friends, Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo, […]

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Christmas in a mass of crime

In case anyone’s wondering why South Africa is losing the battle against crime, here are some telling pointers from my local law-enforcement agency in Worcester. The town, like most others in South Africa, has a massive rate of house-breaks and car thefts. Every week you hear of a house that’s been burgled in your neighbourhood. […]